Schools and what they don't notice.
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Student Life

Schools and what they don't notice.

when I realized something is wrong.

Schools and what they don't notice.

be careful of what you do and say.

I'm just a normal girl in a normal small town. When I was younger, I thought life was great and cool. Once high school hit; my life felt like it was falling apart. Growing up being bullied was a hard thing to grow up with trying to change myself. Trying to be better or popular was what my life in school was based on. They knew me as the "weird kid" no one would talk to me. I didn't have many friends nor attended sports,clubs, nor went to hang with friends. Later as I grew up, I realized highschool is so much harder. People will think less of you for little things and I've known to watch what I say. Highschool is basically teaching me to be careful on what I choose to do.

Hi my name is Asher im in highschool 10th grade, for people in this generation you know how school is. Do you have workers in your school that notice your not okay? Well, you're quite lucky, that doesn't happen here. Most parents don't realize and don't understand what most kids go through. They may have gone through the same thing but my parents always compare their lives when im trying to vent to them. People go through breakups and dating but if you wanna keep it secret here, too bad. They will reveal no matter how hard you try to keep things private even if u only want to tell one person. There can be something you didn't even do, but people will make and spread rumors. It can be light or even really dark. When I was younger, I had a rumor in school spread that I slept with my sister in 5th grade. Not great at all people will back stab you, the main reason on why I have trust issues people leave people go keep the people that are good to you. Keep people in ur life that are worth more than a grain of sand, sand doesnt help you sand sinks.

What do schools not notice? people are leaving unexpectedly they arent showing up at school, they arent going to their favorite clubs, they arent showing up sport practices. but why?, They might be dealing with family issues, stress, loss of a loved one. i am but i still go to school, i know my friends would get upset and probably go to my sister confused. My whole family has mental illness throughout our history, my dad has anger issues. My mom has depression and anxiety. My grandparents on my dads side both had anger issues. my grandparents on my moms side had bpd and depression. I have been diagnosed with anxiety. I had a bad therapist she didnt help nor diagnose me correctly. I am more than sure i have depression and anxiety bpd and terrible ocd and ptsd.

My rooms a mess, my grades arent perfect, i am always alone. People ask me if im okay what am i supposed to say, yes and lie about it or say no and then have them worry. I know no people with a mental illness who is okay with having someone care about them. I will post on my story crying and thats when people actually pay attention about my life. People understand that depression and anxiety are common but its not talked about enough. Who knows lets say ur best friend is having a hard time and u ignored all the time, look the next day dead. Pay more attention to your friends and show how much you care for them but i understand if you dont want to get help for yourself. I dont know though everytime i try to get help they lecture me or i get told im fine. Personally i dont get help because in the end i know no one that can help. I dont even think anyone can help me.

Wonder why people leave a few times or even once every class period to go the bathroom? Vape,self harm,cry,eat, or even just skipping class.I dont blaim anyone for doing any of these to be honest. Self harm ive done it, its a kill switch to the brain. cry, ive done it stress and school can make u want to cry. eat, ive done it lunch time is awkward why do people eat i n the cafeteria anyway. skip class, people and school are frustrating want a break people will do it. Vape, kill ur lungs oh well or get caught doesnt go well. Pay attention to people wear, do they wear dark clothes or bright colors. Do they wear a hoodie and sweatpants or jeans and a bright tshirt. Are they kinda low and have bad eye bags, or do they have a smile and their skin is clear. Ive learned that do wear to showy clothing and dont wear warm clothes.

The littlest things you do can make a big difference. People can switch up fast, i was friends with one person then they heard one rumor they ended up completely leaving and ghosting me. watch what you do and say, one thing can make a impact. Sure i didnt go through a hard life but i know dang well that its not other peoples buisness, and same goes for other people.

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