Schnitt Talk: A Review

Schnitt Talk: A Review

Here's how I feel about the Barstool Sports Podcast, Schnitt Talk.

If you've ever been on Twitter, you probably know of Ellie Schnitt. Until July 2018, Ellie was best known for her social media following on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Now, she works as a blogger and media personality for popular sports and pop culture company, Barstool Sports. Ellie Schnitt is both one of a kind and completely relatable, as is her Barstool Sports Podcast "Schnitt Talk".

Barstool Sports has blossomed into something entirely different than what it started with, and I am here for it.

On the average episode of "Schnitt Talk" you'll hear Ellie and her producer Alanna discussing everything within the early 20-something realm, including relationships, beauty, and social media. Some of her recent podcasts have been titled "What Do You Do If You Suck at Flirtexting" and "Your PDA Is Gross, You Have To Stop". If you're a college girl going through it, chances are this podcast has something you'll relate to. Been kicked out of a bar? So has Ellie. Drunk-texted your ex-boyfriend at 3 in the morning? Ellie has too. The girl's as real as they come.

Ellie's podcasts are fairly short and to the point, featuring special segments such as "The Perfect Guy, but...", in which people write in possible deal-breaking quirks of the "perfect guy". Example: Would you date the perfect guy, but his car has flames on the side of it? (Not that it matters, but that is definitely a dealbreaker to me; I don't care how perfect the guy is!)

I turn to Ellie's podcast whenever I need a good laugh, or sometimes even to make myself feel better about a situation. Ellie's full of the funniest, most outrageous drunk stories I have ever heard of. Truth is, we twenty-somethings are all going through similar problems at this stage in our lives. Ellie and Alanna bring that to light in a casual, hilarious way.

All in all, I am a big fan of Ellie's, and if you're anything like me, I think you will too. (On a side note, if anyone was wondering, the pink "Not NOT basic" hoodie is definitely on my wish list!)

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