My entire life I have been scared of strawberries. I love strawberry smoothies, but hate strawberries. I have been made fun of by many for my fear of those tiny pointed devils. Everyone always says, “How can you be scared of a fruit?” And I always respond by saying, “I don’t know, they just creep me out.”

But then just the other day, I was watching E News, and everything made sense. Jason Kennedy and Maria Menounos of E News were talking about this new trend of clothing, clothing with holes in it. And then discussed how Kendall Jenner, doesn’t like this trend because she has the disease called tryopophobia. Tryopophobia is a phobia of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

I promptly Googled this disorder, and literally wanted to vomit from what I saw. Every image that came up was skin or food with lots of random holes or bumps. And even my worst nightmare -- a strawberry -- showed up. So I guess I have this disorder, right?

These little tiny holes or bumps can trigger anxiety attacks and are often associated with fear. It can often be triggered early in life by oranges and pomegranates. But it can also be associated with chocolate chips in pancakes. Honeycombs are the worst, though. Think about it -- it’s literally a trypophobic's worst nightmare -- little holes everywhere.

My entire life, I have just thought maybe its' just the texture of strawberries that creep me out, but I guess not. I actually have a real disease, and I now know that I am not just scared of a fruit, I have a phobia of weird holes and bumps in weird patterns.

So, to all you haters who thought I was being irrational about my fear of strawberries, I am not crazy. I have tryopophobia and so does Kendall Jenner, so leave me alone and don’t make fun of my fear of holes.