We knew this time was coming, now we only have two more weeks together before one of us goes 567 miles away, one of us will be working constantly and finishing up school, and I will be going back to school and studying like hell to get my praxis exam done... but we will always have the memories of this summer.

As we are all going our separate ways this semester, I hope that you remember the day that we tried to lay on the beach but we got rained out and had to go to the zoo instead. You guys were so mad that you weren't going to get more tan but I was so happy we were finally getting to the zoo this summer, even though I do love the beach.

I hope that when bad days come this semester, you guys are able to use our summer memories to remind yourself that good days come with the bad. Like when we were at the bar for my birthday and we asked the bartender to give us "the special" and then tried to guess what it was for the next two months. Or when we made a homemade slip and slide and played water balloon baseball and it was the first time Becca had ever been in a Dollar Store. Our good times will get me through stressful days cramming for exams and having breakdowns due to lack of sleep.

I hope that you tell your other friends about our memories because I certainly will. I hope you're telling them about the times we stayed at the bar until 2:30 in the morning. I hope you're telling them about the drives we took down the shore blaring throwbacks and screaming the words. I hope that you remember playing the water game so that Heather would stop asking if we were "there yet."

You guys made this summer one I will never forget, and I hope that I made yours that special too. There are so many more memories were going to make, but for now, we have a pretty good list and I am so grateful for what we have. Thank you for everything. I love you so much.