Saying No Is Boring, Start Saying Yes
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Saying No Is Boring, Start Saying Yes

Saying YES is scary but saying NO means you're missing out.

Saying No Is Boring, Start Saying Yes

As I walked to the train in Grand Central, I saw a boy who was about 12 with an iPhone on a selfie stick.

As I got closer I could not help but get curious about what this boy was doing. This young boy was happily making what looked and sounded like a small documentary on trains. This was such an inspiring moment to witness. This boy did not care that dozens of people were walking past him as he made his videos. He looked so excited to be there and nothing could get in his way of that.

As adults, when did we lose the magic of life? Why do we not get excited about each little project that we do like this boy got excited about his train project?

As adults, we have found our niche, the spot where were feel most comfortable. As adults, we have the option to say no to the things that scare us. We rarely say yes to the things that are outside of our comfort zone but what if we started saying yes? What if we said yes to everything that came our way? Catching up with an old friend from college or high school? Yes. Taking a vacation to a new place for no reason at all? Yes. Taking a leap of faith with a business adventure? Yes.

There are so many opportunities that life hands us and we have a choice whether we want to take the reigns on them or not. I will be the first to admit that when an opportunity arises my mind immediately jumps to saying no because it is new and scary and outside of my comfort zone. Can you imagine where we would be in life if our minds immediately jumped to saying Yes

Seeking adventure and new opportunity is the only way that we will find what truly makes us happy. If you are sitting in a cubicle working 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and you are daydreaming about a European excursion, what are you waiting for? Book your flight and go. Being young and having the ability to get up and move is something that we do not take advantage of enough.

So close your eyes and picture where you want to be. Take that image and go out and get it.

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