10 Reasons We'll Miss One Day At A Time
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10 Reasons Netflix Canceling 'One Day At A Time' Is Going To Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life

It's okay friends, we'll get through this one day at a time.

10 Reasons Netflix Canceling 'One Day At A Time' Is Going To Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life

"One Day at a Time" had everything. They gave us a family sitcom giving voices to multiple generations, races, genders, etc. We had a balance of both comedy and drama to talk about the real issues going on in America today like veteran affairs, mental health issues, etc.

Not to mention we had basically the best representation of having an Abuelita in the dramatic, yet lovable Lydia.

But Netflix announced their decision to cancel the series mid-Thursday morning and thus began the immediate hashtag for survival: #saveODAAT

They say the choice didn't come easy, but they couldn't string together the content for season 4 because there weren't enough viewers to justify it. But all I hear is that if they didn't spend the $100 million on FRIENDS, the number of viewers would probably be plenty to justify for a season 4.

Now I'm a "FRIENDS" fan as much as anyone else in America which is why I have the full DVD set to watch anytime I please.

I could forget about the outrageous $100 mil spent on the beloved TV show until it started taking away shows and movies we can't watch anywhere else because of their Netflix originals.

Now, thanks to "FRIENDS" and Netflix, I will forever be haunted by this cancellation for these 10 obvious reasons.

1. I'll forever have this song stuck in my head at baseball games.

 One Day At A Time


And yes, I'll probably be singing it with my sister.

If you don't know the song, I think you need to quit scrolling now because spoilers are ahead.

2. And this one when having ice cream.


I'm serious. Stop scrolling if you won't want spoilers on some pretty great episodes.

3. Anytime I hear about Rita Moreno, I will think about both Lydia and West Side Story.


Darn, these amazing writers and their golden moments.

4. We'll never know if Max is the one for Penelope!


Though I think we all know.

5. Or if Penelope will ever find the man she deserves.


Hey now, she may not need a man in her life, but we all want one for her!

6. How will we ever know if Elena and Victor make-up.

Yes, things seemed to be looking up in Season 3 when Elena could at least be civil to her father. But do you think they'll ever have a relationship like Victor and Alex do? Now, we'll never know but I guess we'll know that her family will always be by her side.

7. And hello! What's next for Schneider?


Will he get married? Will he stay sober? Will he lose his family fortune?

Yes, this will keep me up at night.

8. Is Berto really a ghost?

Don't get me wrong, her dedication is charming but it's not without it's creepiness.

9. Who will Alex grow up to be like?


It's easy to say that Alex is more than just Lydia's favorite. We love Alex! We've watched him physically grow in the last three seasons, but we haven't really been able to see his character change. What will he be like in a few years?

Will he be a mansplaining, microaggressive bro like Nurse Bobo or be a well-rounded adult male that we are wishing he'd be?

10. But most importantly....WHAT HAPPENS IN CUBA!?!?!?!


How did they get there? What happens in Cuba? Will they ever be able to leave.

The fans have 100 million questions for you Netflix, but I guess we'll have to take it one day at a time.

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