Super Easy Tips To Save Money This School Year
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Super Easy Tips To Save Money This School Year

Does FASFA cover pizza rolls?

Super Easy  Tips To Save Money This School Year
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College is expensive. It’s a universally known fact that it’s really hard to get through college without some sort of loan or financial aid, especially if you’re paying for college without the help of parents.

Not only are you paying for tuition, which is crazy expensive on its own, but you’re paying for dorm supplies, school supplies, and other miscellaneous things.

Here are some helpful tips on how to save your money on all your necessities for this coming year.

On Dorm Shopping:

Go to Target. Target is an oasis for college gear from school supplies to dorm décor. Target will have every storage container, vacuum, microwave, string of fairy lights, and bedding set you could ever wish for. Target has a college-specific section in the store that will have everything on your list for a very reasonable price.

A few things you might’ve missed on your list might include:

Storage containers, Crates, a full-length mirror, a microwave and mini fridge (if not included in your dorm), a large trash can (the ones they give you are more than likely tiny), trash bags, microwave-safe plates and bowls, silverware, cups, and an ottoman.

I purchased all these items and more at Target when I moved into my dorm last year and they’re still in great condition to use again this semester.

On Textbook Shopping:

Do not buy books through the university. I repeat, DO NOT BUY BOOKS THROUGH THE UNIVERSITY.

You are using this book for one semester, three measly months of your life. Why in the world would you pay full value for a new $250 textbook when you could buy it used off of Amazon for $60? Better yet, why wouldn’t you rent it off a website such as,,,, or even Amazon?

This semester, my university wanted approximately $500 from me to pay for six textbooks. With the use of the website, which compares several different website’s offers to buy or rent new or used textbooks, I was able to save almost $300.

I would highly recommend renting textbooks. Textbook buyback is tricky through the university; you could have paid $200 for a new textbook and they will offer you $30 at the end of semester. Sure you get rid of it, but the depreciation value is definitely not worth it.

If you rent a textbook for say, $40 however, it’s done and over with and you just send it back at the end of the semester. Some websites even send you a check back if their books are returned in good condition.

If you do end up having to buy one or two of your books because they’re unavailable for rental, try and sell them back online. Like I said before, the university probably won’t give you nearly as much back as what you paid for it.

On Food Shopping:

Go to your local grocery story before or shortly after you move in and stock up on non-perishables. Locally-owned stores will always be cheaper than corporate markets such as Walmart or Pick n’ Save.

I realize that campus food can be gross and you just don’t want to eat it. But remember, you have a meal plan for a reason. If you’re in the mood for a hot meal, utilize what you’re paying for and head to the dining hall.

If you’re constantly hitting up the store (or the convenience store on campus that’s ridiculously over-priced), you’ll be spending your money on things like frozen pizzas and TV dinners when you can get basically the same thing with your meal plan.

If you’re studying at 11:00 at night and you need a snack, grab your bag of pretzels. Make a microwave cup of Ramen. Always buy non-perishables; you don’t want your food going bad, and these snacks will last you all year.

Good snacks to stock up on could include:

Pretzels, Pop Tarts, granola bars, your favorite cereal, Ramen noodles, trail mix, cashews, peanuts, soup in a microwavable container, fruit roll ups, and Ritz crackers.

On Saving Money:

It’s hard to save money in the first place, I get it. You just got paid, it’s a good chunk of money you can have fun with, and you’ve had your eye on some shoes, a new gadget, or something you just have to have, and your paycheck is gone in three days.

I know it’s hard to resist the world of online shopping when you have money in the bank but just remember that you seriously do not have money to spend.

Limit yourself to going out to eat with your friends once a month. If that’s too difficult, start with once a week or once every two weeks.

Only allow yourself to go online shopping once every two months.

Remind yourself that you have Christmas gifts to purchase and you need to save up.

Remind yourself how hard you worked for this money and ask yourself if you really want to give up thatmoney for whatever it is you have your eye on.

Ask yourself if the new phone case you want is really that much more valuable than the one you have. Are you buying it because your old case broke or is falling apart? Or are you buying it because it has a cute pattern on the back and you’re sick of looking at your old case?

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’m the kind of person who needs refreshers in life; I love getting new phone cases and new clothes and new purses. The problem is that I don’t need new things, I just like having them.

I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to buy new things unless it’s necessary.

One thing that really helped me save money was opening a savings account in addition to my checking account.

I keep $500 in my checking account at all times for emergencies and I keep the remainder of my money in my savings. If my savings account balance drops under a certain amount, I don’t allow myself to spend money on anything other than necessities until I earn that money back.

Of course I realize it’s easier said than done but with practice and patience, you can learn money management and it will feel great.

So here's to finding the best deals for this school year. May you save many many dollars and find the best deals on clearance.

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