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The Benefits of Thrifting and Reusing Items

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Today, many unwanted items are sent to wastelands and dumps. Being in good condition, they sit there and live for years in the dirt. As many of these items can be salvaged, it is important to understand the value of thrifting and reusing items.

Thrifting is the process of purchasing used items from stores. These stores, reselling anything from clothes to furniture, can hold many rare, beautiful, or valuable finds that one may need. Many items sent to these stores are in decent to good condition as policies affect the quality and acceptance of products. As many people fear the cleanliness of used products, it is vital to observe the items at hand and check for quality; however, as most stores provide quality checks, the prices reflect the quality of the product. And bonus, some products, even some that come from name brands, can be bought at cheaper prices.

Price tags are one factor that can drive a consumer to or away from a product. As everyone searches for the best deals, the hunt for good items becomes more difficult; however, as most thrift stores have reasonable price ranges, this becomes less of an issue. With a wide variety of products, they offer unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it be a set of dishes or a sweater, it never hurts to look. Purchasing these items, whether one or many, will be helpful not only to the merchant, but to those in factories who make them.

Factories produce, ship, and sell products to many countries. From clothing to technology, millions of items are exported and imported each year. As the economy continues to grow, the amount of products sent to waste after short usage periods are on a a major increase. With many of these products being made from non-recyclable elements, they sit in landfills for years without disintegrating.. Producing harmful chemicals and gases, they leech into the air and soil polluting it.. As this hurts the environment, it pays a toll on the people who make the products as well.

As these people work for hours with low wages, the workplace conditions are bad and disgusting. With many people working long hours and no compensation or benefits, they are unable to provide for themselves or their families. Sources we take for granted (i.e. food, water, clothing) are in mere reach for them, but most times are difficult to attain. These revelations, as there are many more, should make change and thrifting more interesting. In fact, as many thrifted products are made from factories, the least we could do is reuse and recycle, so more aren't made.

Reusing and recycling products is a concept that many know, but don't practice. As clothing goes out of style, many aren't aware of how they can be reused. Let's take a pair of jeans for example. Those jeans, if measured to the wanted length, cut at an angle, and then washed in the laundry, could be turned into a nice pair of shorts or a skirt. An old t-shirt. Old t-shirts, with holes in them or mismatched in size, can be cropped and used as crop tops or worn as dresses. As most pieces of clothing can be wearable with slight alterations, most are reusable; however, if you no longer need the piece and don't want it, donate it. Go to your local Goodwill (or any thrift store) and give it to them. Some stores will even give you money for your items (Perks!). As the same alternations above can be made, never be afraid to buy clothes that are a little to large or that may be slightly tattered. These issues are easily fixable and can make for a unique purchase.

As we continue to fill our landfills with reusable items, it is important to give them a lifetime. Whether it be through reusing, donating or thrifting them, it is important to be aware of all the affects they have on everything. Factory workers, the environment, and even your life are affected by waste. So, if three things must be done. awareness, change and effort. Awareness of the issue will lead to change as it influences people to move forward and do better. Change will permit action which in turn allows people to make a safer, eco-safe environment and lastly, effort. If we put in the awareness and change, people will make effort, effort to change the problem. For only if we put forward our best hand will we achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

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