Satanic Ritual Abuse Awareness
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Satanic Ritual Abuse Awareness

This is not advised reading for anyone who has survived any kind of abuse.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Awareness
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*Further disclaimers:Stop reading if this article triggers any—remembered or potential—experiences of abuse in your life, especially of this kind. If there is a hint of any such abuse in your past, you must be in a secure, therapeutic relationship before you're ready to encounter the upsetting topics briefly described below. Survivors of abuse, incest, Satan Ritual Abuse, or any other gruesome acts must be helped through abuse memories by trained professionals who are equipped to help. I am not a professional. This should not be read by children or teenagers. Protect the innocent and wounded.The names listed below have been changed.

For legal reasons I am not attempting to associate any information disclosed below with Satanism, Satanists, or the Church of Satan. People from these religious organizations are not categorically implicated here.

Maybe Odyssey isn't the ideal platform for an article of this nature. However, for this reason, I'll provide the most brief descriptions I can while still attempting to increase awareness of the unspoken evil that's present in America today. Good people need to know what to look out for so that they can put a stop to it.

Not only is this evil present, it's thriving. The recent popularization of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) through mainstream media and film such as "Split" are a blatant mockery of the deplorable, intentional abuse responsible for a child's need to generate multiple personalities within him/herself. Yet the same media platforms triggering victims through popularization remain quiet about the real, long-discovered roots of many psychological disorders including DID and Multiple Personality disorder. Previously referred to as MPD by those in the psychiatric field, DID became the official title for this previous phenomenon in 1994. It is a coping mechanism. The most malicious abusive process behind it has a name: SRA.

If you Google "SRA," your top result will probably be the Sequence Read Archive, followed by a list of the same acronym associated with different meanings. Finally, Wikipedia will provide a brief summary, stating,

"Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organized abuse, or sadistic ritual abuse) was the subject of a moral panic (often referred to as the Satanic Panic) that originated in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout many parts of the world by the late 1990s."

However, according to "Uncovering the Mystery of MPD," by Dr. James G. Friesen, a therapist who revolutionized recovery techniques for victims of DID, the first reported American SRA experience took place in 1938, and was documented by journalist Dee Brown, after the fact.

Brown single-handedly lead the documentation of SRA survivors in 1984. At a conference of the Consortium of California Child Abuse Councils in 1987, Brown recounted her conversation with the father of a child who attended a preschool that was implicated in SRA,

"They were driving down the freeway," Brown said, "when his son turned to him and said, 'Daddy, what does it mean when they make you drink blood?'"

The son continued to describe similar experiences, so his father took him to talk with Brown. When the son was asked what he thought about Brown, he commented,

"She's nice. She doesn't wear a mask."

Brown relayed other encounters with survivors, stating,

"He wasn't the only one making those kinds of statements. They talk about things we don't want to hear. They talk about being forced to consume feces, and about witnessing deaths—deaths of animals and deaths of children…I've spoken with more than a dozen survivors…[In 1990 Dee said by then she had talked with more than 100!]…[They] reported consumption of feces, blood and urine, and drugs…[They] said the perpetrators wore robes…[They] said that the perpetrators were important people, i.e., doctors, dentists, religious figures…who were basically the solid backbone of the community. Five out of six discussed incest being part of their family environment…[They] described that these experiences happened under the guise of a traditional, fundamentalist Christian group…The same people who were involved on a daily basis in the Christian aspects of religious worship were involved in the satanic aspects at night."

It's imperative that we recognize the signs of SRA in children so we can rescue them. According to Friesen, intrafamilial SRA occurs within the family, usually as part of a religious tradition that bleeds through generations. Intrafamilial victims are often exposed to rituals beginning at their earliest moments of infancy. Extrafamilial SRA most often occurs in day-cares, where victims between the ages of two and four are ritualized by non-family members. The following excerpts from Friesen's book. He recounts an interview with a victim's mother, stating,

"At the beginning my daughter started to have weird behavior, where she'd start screaming. This was after she had been going to [the day-care center], but I didn't connect the two…She'd just get hysterical…After having [a newly developed]…screaming fit[], we got her calmed down and she finally went to sleep. The next day she kept saying that she felt sick to her stomach, and she took a nap. When she got up she said, 'Mommy, I think I'm gonna throw up.' So I took her over to the toilet. When I went to help her…she said, 'Don't throw me in! Don't throw me in the toilet! Don't put me in there!' She…said, 'You go to their house and never come back. They put you in a yucky bed.' I had a hard time to figure out all that…Now I know she could have been put in a coffin, and I know that they could have put urine all over her…She said that they killed Jesus, that they cut him up and killed the baby who cried and cried…A lady with no shirt on kissed her, and they got married…She also said they hurt your bottom with the glass, and…she had rectal scarring…One night she showed us how she was tied up, hands and feet. Then she asked me, 'Mommy, have you ever hung upside down from a chain?'"

Another survivor recounted her childhood experience with SRA as her being forced to sacrifice another child, stating,

"People do not understand the evil in that place. They do not understand how anyone would give in to sacrificing a child. If you're in the most beautiful place in the presence of Jesus, you can just feel His presence, and you're engulfed in His glory. You know, in Satanism it is just the opposite of that. It is so evil, that even as you are remembering these things you can feel it. You can just feel the presence of that evil."

All of this is the direct result of Satan. Whether viewed as a symbol, god, or tormentor, Satan has gone down in history as the ultimate opponent to Almighty God, but he still doesn't have a chance in Hell (literally). Tormenting the innocent—God's creation—is his primary goal and a necessary sacrifice for the spread of his kingdom on earth.

Since Almighty God is good, his enemy is only evil (1 John 4:7-21, John 10:10). We need to acknowledge this and be always on our guard (1 John 4:1). Only Christ's love can save victims of SRA and deliver them from the trauma behind DID. Be aware; protect the innocent.

For those who have suffered any kind of abuse, I believe you, I support you, and you are not alone. I'm so sorry about all you've been through and I can't imagine the horrible things you've witnessed. I pray that you receive the relief, safety, and healing you deserve.

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