I really regret to utter these scary words out loud, so I'll write them out for you all instead; finals season is among us. 'Tis the season for having no time to watch all of the old Christmas classics on Netflix, for literally living in the library for an entire week, and for a terrifyingly increase chance of catching the "Gainesville Plague". Though it all sounds less than fun, there are a few things we can all due to make this season a bit more bearable.

1. Study with Friends

Look at those smiles! They must be doing something right. assets.rbl.ms

Holing up in the library for hours upon hours at a time can really and truly drain the life out of a person. Studying with friends can help to alleviate some of that stress that piles on by adding a few laughs into the mix during quick study breaks! Even if you aren't studying for the same class, companionship really works wonders to soothe the soul in this ocean of stress.

2. Allow yourself a few break

She needs a break. assets.rbl.ms

Sometimes, learning about organic molecular structures and naming them is just too much for one brain to handle for long periods of time. Don't overexert yourself too much, or your brain might actually combust. This would definitely not help when you get to the exam and realize you burned yourself out! Take a break by picking up coffee with a friend- because let's be honest, we all need a little caffeine to get us through this tough time- or by doing something you enjoy in between study sessions.

3. Utilize Library Hacks

Pexels / Abby Chung Ok, I'm ragging on the lib but this picture is perfect. assets.rbl.ms

We all want the coveted spots in Marston or West, especially on the newly renovated third floor. Booths, anyone? It's difficult to secure a booth on a regular day, much less during finals week or reading days when everyone and their mothers are posting up t the library. To combat this, you need a group of dedicated friends to help this booth last all day long and well into the night. The steps are as follows.

1. Get up early and be there as soon as the doors open to the library-I know that sounds awful but you'll appreciate yourself when you're sitting in that big, comfy booth later.

2. Get your favorite Starbucks order or bring your own study drinks and snacks. It will really help your soul and your stomach in this time of crisis.

3. Get your friends to sit with you and take shifts at the booth all day. When you're hungry for lunch or dinner, go and grab some food for yourself and the rest of the team as someone else stays in the booth, to ensure that it'll still be yours when you get back.

Hear, hear to finals season. May everyone get great grades-or at least the minimum to make the grade they want in the class-and may we all survive this difficult week.