Giants Fan: An Incredible Story
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You Are About To Be Blown Away By This Giants Fan's Story

Have you ever thought that professional baseball players would appreciate something a fan made?

You Are About To Be Blown Away By This Giants Fan's Story

Have you ever thought that baseball players only care about the money they make not the fans? Will what if I told you that's not always the case?

Meet San Francisco Giant's fan, Valerie Marble. She is from Modesto California and has been a huge Giants fan her whole life. Valerie is also a part of the Junior Giants program and also is involved in Relay For Life, where she has raised $15000 in seven years! How cool is that! So now its time to tell you what stands out the most about this Giants fan. She has a very active twitter account which is @Giantslady4life. During the games, she posted updates for the game on her twitter freed and tags the Giants players and their wives.

During the 2011 season, Valerie got to connect with Brandon Crawford's wife Jalynee. before Jalynee and Brandon got married. From that encounter, they became Facebook and Instagram friends. Valerie has also always loved Cross Stitch, so she decided to make the Crawfords one for there wedding. They even gave her a signed ball as a thank you! Ever since that, her love for cross stitch grew because of how grateful the Crawfords were of their gift. Valere quoted to me that "my rule is once I made you a wedding sampler each kid get their own baby sampler

The Crawfords aren't the only San Fransico Giants player she has made a cross stitch for. The list includes Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bummer, Sergio Romo, Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence and his wife who has a youtube channel called "Lets Get Lexi" The cross stitches are really cool, but it is the stories around some of them are amazing. One of my favorites is the one who she made for Angel Pagan a former Giants center fielder, who had an inside the park home run. Valerie was in contact with Mrs. Pagan, who informed Valerie that she never received the sampler. Valerie made another sample for Mrs. Pagan and was afraid that it would be lost again. So she got in contact with Mrs.Crawford and she was able to go into the clubhouse and give the gift to Brandon Crawford to give to Pagan. How cool is that?

Out of all these really cool experiences, there was one that really meant a lot to Valerie. She even sent it to me to put in this article. Here is her story

"Going to the San Francisco Giants game was great!!! But the best part of the day was when I got to meet Sergio Romo and give him the cross stitch I made for him. I was with a group called the Gamer Babes (SF) Bay Area; it was great to be with so many people, who now I can call friends. They all really wanted me to able to give the cross stitch to Romo. I was looking for him all over the park. Towards the end of the day about 2 pm, one of the members of the group Dave Eldund (a.k.a McCovey Cove Dave) saw Romo in The @ Café, and he texted me to get over there and he would give up his place in line to me. But by the time I got there, they had closed the line.

I was thinking all hope was lost.

I went up to the area where people were watching what was going on. I made it up to the front of the group and placed my piece on a table, hoping Romo would pass by on this way out. A nice lady who worked for the Giants saw my piece and said: "He needs to see this!" So she took the piece over to him and showed it to him. He was impressed as it had a 5 by 7 of the original photo of his final pitch in the 2012 World Series. Then the lady said to Romo that she is right over there, and a police officer came towards me and walk me to Romo! I had an 8 by 10 of the origin photo and he signed it too. I said the smaller was is for you to keep and he said you can keep it!! We talked about the piece and he was really impressed!! Then we had our photo taken! A moment I will never forget!!

That isn't something you weren't expecting to happen. Throughout this story, I hope that now when you turn the tv on to watch some major league baseball you think differently of the players. Also, now you got to follow Valerie on Twitter and Instagram.

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