I'll be the first to admit that "diets" for me last about three days before I cheat and eat that Chipotle or reach for that cookie. I'll also be the first to admit that I will get on a good going-to-the-gym kick for about a week or two before I have a lot of other deadlines and put those ahead of working out. Giving up on both of these actions frequently causes me to feel bad about myself and not being able to stick to a regiment or routine makes me feel like I'm being looked down upon.

At the gym, I feel extremely self-conscious about the other people who seem much more in their element there and look like they don't even need those extra reps. Even in workout classes, which I generally prefer over going to the main gym, I feel others looking at me in the mirrored wall when I struggle or fall behind in the motions. And let's not even get started about reaching for that piece of pizza or brownie at the dining hall and feeling judged by those with plates filled with salad or lean chicken and the like.

However, with all that being said, I don't always "feel bad" about my eating habits or skipping that gym session. I know that I incorporate veggies and fruits throughout the day, and in my own mind, I balance that out with the pizza or chocolate that I sneak every once in a while. I also feel confident in my body, even when I know that if I became religiously devoted to the gym I could drop a few pounds. I'm healthy, I think the that I look good, and that's all that matters to me.

With spring break fast approaching and bathing suit pictures of girls enjoying some warm beach somewhere to follow, I won't let their size 0 bodies (which are equally as beautiful,) get to my head. I can feel just as confident and beautiful as a size 8. And when summer comes around and girls start posting vacation pictures on the daily, I too may join them, showing off my skin and not feeling bad about it.

Do I personally think I want to go for a run a little more often? Sure. But it's not because I feel the pressure to be an Instagram model. I personally think my overall well-being could be improved with just a few extra salads and a workout class here and there. But I won't be doing it just to improve my body for a particular week of the year or what others think would look best for me.