Sam Darnold -- Please Falking Come Back

The New York Jets are 0-4 for the first time in 19 years. Being that I am 21, the last time the New York Jets lost their first 4 games in a season, I was 2 years old, simply meaning, this has been the worst start as a Jets fan. Watching the game this past Sunday was pure torture, to be completely honest I do not even know why I watched. The Jets stood absolutely no chance against the Eagles, their offense was inept, could not move the ball and was able to create 1 positive play. Quarterback Luke Falk threw a pick 6, got the ball literally ripped out of his hands for another touchdown, and got sacked 10 times. He held onto the ball way too long in the pocket, refused to move in the pocket and failed to extend any plays. It was one of the worst Quarterback performances I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot coming from a Jets fan.

As tough as it has been over the last 4 weeks, I still find myself with some hope, although slim, there is still some surrounding this team. All the hope lies with #14. Any chance this team has to turn it around this year begins and ends with the quarterback, and that was never more evident than the game on Sunday. Take away the pick 6 and the strip fumble, which both were inexcusable plays from the QB, the Jets lose this game 17-6. If you are a Jets fan and believe the Jets can not put up more than 6 points on the board with Sam Darnold, then honestly, you have issues and stop rooting for the team all together. This is not the same old Jets, this is a fraction of the actual team that played week 1. These past 3 weeks have not been a testament for coaching, they just do not have the resources at the games most important position. Luke Falk is not an NFL QB, whether Adam Gase is the coach or if Bill Bilichek is the coach. Don't believe me? Please go watch what happened to Chase Stidham when he entered the game for the Patriots against the Jets… hint… he threw a pick 6. Not all QB's can be saved by the coach and one who look lost, like Luke Falk does stands no chance. Yes, I have to agree with the doubters that criticize the offensive line, but tbh, this unit will look a lot better with Darnold at the helm. Darnold will give this team energy, each and every player on that field will be giving a little extra because #14 is back on the field. Jets fans, that is the power this kid has. The team, who was built around him, simply is not the same without him. Maybe this 4-week bout with mono will be beneficial because Sam Darnold has little to no pressure now. Why do I say that? Look at the way the team has played without him? It really can not get any worse and if it does then we can finally say we have a coaching problem. It is stupid to get on the back of Adam Gase right now, he rightfully has an excuse until Sam Darnold is back under center.

Sam Darnold should make his way back from his bout with mono this week against the fading Dallas Cowboys, that of course still lies with the swelling of his spleen. As fans it is almost comical hearing about Sam Darnold's spleen every week, seriously think about it, our season rides on the swelling of our Quarterback's spleen. Only the Jets. But in reality, this season can be turned around and I am done listening to people who say it can't. Sam Darnold is a young, year 2 quarterback, when healthy we can be looking at the big year 2 leap the great QB's make. If that is the case for Darnold, which I firmly believe it is, why can't this team rip a 9-3 stretch or a 10-2 stretch? Why not, literally anything is possible in football and if you have that franchise caliber QB, the impossible sometimes becomes possible. I wrote a couple of weeks back that this is not the same old Jets, because we do not know who these new Jets even are. They are getting their full arsenal of players back this week and it should be fun. We have a 4:25 game against America's team at MetLife, it is time for the fans to put the last 4 weeks behind us, get behind this team and the kid, take things one week at a time and hope we can have a run for the ages. Jet Up baby.

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