Salsa Love Poem

Poem On Odyssey: A love poem to salsa

Salsa is hot, yummy, and overall the best I will ever get.

Being a busboy at a Mexican restaurant, one of the staple foods in my current life is chips and salsa. I absolutely love the fresh salsa we have at my work, and this is my silly way to express my adoration for salsa.



Is obsessed with chips

But there is something

With chunkier hips

Salsa, my love

Your hot spiciness

You are above

My unworthiness

Some think

It's about

The cheese

But it's not

Delicious spiciness

Is the best kind of hot


Enough salsa

For my chips

Because you are truly the star

Bigger bowls

For your chunkiness

Cannot be restrained


Is never

Not good

Always delish

The best

With base of




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