It's 2018. The new year has arrived and living in today's society is not cheap. Everything is expensive, including two of the most important resources to humankind, food and clothing. With the increase in the world's population over the years, the demand for food has increased.

With that transpiring, so has the price on some of the things we eat. Even just taking a family of four to a fast food restaurant or small pizzeria can be pricey. Since getting what we need to survive can be a challenge, grocery stores all over have no choice but to charge more. Here are reasons why there should be no sales tax on food.

1. We Need It To Survive

Since it's something we can't live without, no extra fee should be placed on it. Like clothing in NJ and certain other states, the price we see should be the price we pay.

2. Since Clothing Is Not Taxed, Food Shouldn't Be

Like food, clothing is an important resource for the human population. Since it's an important resource and some people in other states don't have to pay extra for it, the rest of the U.S. population shouldn't have to either.

3. The Cost Of Living Is Already Expensive

Between the bills and for college graduates, student debt, the cost to live is not cheap. It would be less expensive though if there wasn't that extra fee when purchasing the things we consume.

4. It Leaves Negative Impacts

Nobody enjoys going to a store and seeing their favorite snack or frozen dinner increase in price. With sales tax, it's even more expensive, generating negative impacts scattered across the human population.

5. Family Resturants Would Win Back Some Of Their Customers

Currently, small restaurant chains such as Five Guys and Shake Shack are taking over. They're becoming the new family restaurants to eat at and serving as a factor behind the closures of some big American restaurant franchises like Applebees and IHOP. If sales tax on food didn't exist, there is a chance both American restaurant franchises would probably be able to earn back some of their customers

6. Going Out Would Be Cheaper

Let's face it. Even going to fast food restaurants, the bill can be expensive. If the price you saw was the price you pay, then a trip to McDonald's or even a pizzeria, would probably be a little cheaper(even though it's not as expensive compared to family restaurants).

7. Eating Out Would Be More Enjoyable

Although it's fun to occasionally take a break from the stove, sit down, relax, and have somebody else cook for you, eating out can be stressful considering, nothing you order is cheap anymore.