Usually, it is best to use up all your printer money that Rutgers give one each semester. However, if one has lots of time and one has already finished all the final exams and papers and still have lots of printing money, I say print out anything you want but quickly use it up before the semester is really over. Here are three reasons why having some printer money leftover is best at the end of a semester at Rutgers.

1. You can print something that has nothing to do with Rutgers

When there are times that one sees in his or her Rutgers printing money still have some left over and one does not need it to print out any homework assignments or lessons, one can use it to print out stuff for friends if they do not have any more printer money to use. Or one can help their family members print out something they need. This is a big help.

2. You have free printer money to use

This saves lots of ink and paper from one's own printer at home. Also, one can use this printer money as much as they want and at the end, it will get refill up when the next semester comes. So use this opportunity to use the free printer money and use it up so the free printer money does not go to waste!

3. You can print out any pictures

My favorite part of using printer money left over from Rutgers is printing out images that I love like anime, manga, artwork, sceneries, etc. It does not have to be images, one can print out like stories, step by step tutorials, recipes, or anything that one likes to read. I also like printing out quotes that I like, especially the inspirational quotes from the internet.