Exactly one year ago, I was put in the same position. Should I rush? This time, I chose to go for it.

As a sophomore, my mindset and life have changed tremendously. You might be thinking, "How much can someone change in one year?" Last year, I would have been thinking the same thing. However, each and every semester at college has changed me and pushed me to evolve further as an individual.

In one word, freshman year was thrilling. Everything was new and exciting. Every day was a new adventure waiting to be found. However, as sophomore year came around, everything became a routine. The exciting life at school quickly phased into an ordinary pattern that almost felt boring. Last semester, there wasn't anything profoundly exhilarating or intriguing.

I had fallen on a schedule and I wished for a new change.

I do not regret rushing late. Actually, I am glad. Last year, I didn't want to rush and fall into a group without actually finding myself. I wanted to be independent and needed more time to grow alone. Now, I can surely say that I am confident in who I am.

I know I won't be pulled into new things that will change or question my values. I want to rush to find more friends and fresh experiences. Once the first year passes, it is harder to meet people and find different niches to explore.

One of my first articles was why I was against rushing. I didn't like the idea of binding myself down to something when I finally could taste the freedom I yearned for so long. Now, I don't see it as locking myself down to something. I see it as another chapter in my life to keep changing and growing.

I am ready for something new, and I sure am pumped for what next semester will bring.