Running takes me far. It takes me through the woods, over the river, left, right, up and down, into a place where my mind is set free. I'm running on a pathway, sand skidded across the way. The ocean is three feet beneath me, I can smell the sea salt, and taste it upon my lips. I'm not even swimming and I can feel the sea all around me. Seagulls cry and play with the wind, like kites in the sky. The pier is my focal point. There and back is my goal. My mind is elsewhere, my legs know where to go.

I'm running a mile high in the sky. How cool it is to say that. I have just swam 3500 yards a mile high in the sky, and now my legs are taking me elsewhere. My legs are burning, my arms are on fire, from both the sun blazing my skin and the good comfortable pain you feel working out. All I can hear are my breaths, and the friction of my feet hitting the grainy dirt paths beneath me. The air smells sweet and fresh, it's the best air you'll ever smell. From the smell of waffle cones drifting over from Pear Street, to the great pines dotted along the hill slopes, and the most beautiful looking flowers you've ever seen, the air smells so good. Five friendly faces accompany me every single time I run this trail. Their striking, reddish-brown foundations sit amongst a sea of green trees, I have never fallen in love with a place more.

I'm running and I'm home and everywhere. My legs are cycling on the shores of the places I've called home, and my mind is elsewhere, thinking of the pretty speckled pine trails in Colorado, and the red dusty deserts of Arizona. Running helps me be free, and set my soul and body on fire.

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