Rude People

I, like so many others, understand that not everyone is raised the same. Every single person has different parents with different methods and styles of teachings that could or could not involve religion and other things. There are so many variables of how one could be raised that there is no way that we can all have the same values or beliefs. However, I have a firm belief that we all have the same standard of respect for other human beings. At least, I thought we did.

I was taught to treat everyone with respect no matter their skin color, background, or place of origin. You could be a politician, teacher, janitor, or even a fast food worker and it should make no difference as to how I treat you. You will be treated like a human being and I will not pretend that i am in above you because of my status. I understand that everyone grows up different, but I thought that we could all, at least, agree on this. I was sadly mistaken.

I watched an encounter with a women at a nail salon. I was in there with my mother and a blonde woman was standing with her husband and two small girls who could not have been more than five or six at the chairs where they would do your nails. The blonde woman was demanding that her daughters nails be done in red, white, and blue with this specific nail polish that they had that is made for acrylic nails. The nail salon worker politely told her that the paint would wear off very quick because it was not meant for regular nails. Well, as you can imagine the blonde woman was not having any of that and replied with "So, can you do it or not?!?" almost shouting and filled with sass. It appalled me that she would speak to her in such a tone. Under no circumstances was it needed to shout at this woman who was trying to help you. The woman looked at her and kept her reply short and crisp "Yes.". I could tell that the salon worker was trying very hard to hold her tongue because she looked like she was about to explode! I don't blame her. It would have taken every ounce of my being to not jump across that counter and back hand her for being so rude. Why couldn't she just be polite and be like..."Oh, I understand and would like it done anyway."

I guess the moral of this story is to just be nice to others. We need to treat others with respect and dignity. Just....don't be a douche canoe.

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