If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All

If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All

A Rant About Just Acting Like A Decent Human Being.

Remember when we were children and we were told by countless sources – our first grade teachers, our parents, a little rabbit in Disney’s Bambi – that if we, even for a fathomable second, could not find a single nice word to say; then to not say anything at all? This advice – intended for us to make friends and not burn bridges at the tender age of five – was at the forefront of our minds in everything we did. We never thought for a minute that everyone who had ever given us that advice might have been guilty of it at some point in their life. We listened to it, or at least in some instances, pretended we did.

Then one day, we wake up and forget that little piece of advice. Something lights a fire within us so hot, so intense that we go back on our teachings of ‘just being nice.’ Somehow with puberty and the advent of social media – and maybe even a lack of empathy – folks in our millennial generation make remarks with no regard for another’s feelings. Not even the bat of an eyelash. And I’ve got to say; it’s getting really old.

The older we get the more we hear things like, “Nice guys finish last,” and “Being nice never got you anywhere,” but have you ever actually known that to be the case? Those clichés are nothing more than tired excuses for being callous and uncouth.

Now, maybe I’m out of line. Maybe I’m just naïve. But I really don’t understand how anyone could not have any clue that their words affect people, or not have any clue that the things they have said or will say are hurtful; or not even care that they hurt someone, for that matter.

We live in a society where even if you greet or compliment someone you hardly know or don’t know at all, you’re looked at like you’ve got three heads. As if to say, “How dare you say something nice to me? You hardly know me!” Are we so immune to niceties that we are, dare I say, offended by them?

What changes in that span of time between adolescence and adulthood that gives us the apparent right to be indecent to another human being? Do we get so hardened with life that it makes no difference if we’re nice, petty, complimentary, or offensive, anymore?

Now, let me all ask you a different question, what is so hard about being nice? About keeping harsh, hurtful words and phrases out of your vocabulary? Maybe your defense is, ‘that’s a childish notion; saying nice things or nothing at all.’ Maybe your defense is, ‘they were mean to me first’ or ‘they started it.’ Well, is that not one of the most childish things you’ve ever heard?

Use that childish advice; practice it in your daily lives. I am so sick of seeing rude responses to rightful opinions and shaming (from body to dog) on Facebook, reading mean tweets, and even hearing someone call another person a name on live TV or in a classroom at college. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a grown and capable adult. Making excuses for being impolite or saying something hurtful is a child’s excuse; an excuse for someone who does not know better.

It really is so simple to just be nice, or to just keep negative comments to yourself. I know for some people it’s easier said than done, but once we start, it won’t be so unheard of for someone to give a perfect stranger a compliment as they walk down the street. It begins with us, practicing what we’ll preach to our future kids, or else the vicious cycle will continue.

So, just to beat it in your head once more:

Cover Image Credit: Todd McKimmey

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7 Types Of URI Students You ALWAYS See At The Library

If you're at URI, you know these struggles!


These are truer now than ever. It's so obvious every time I go to the library I SEE or hear one of these people. Hope you can relate to this!

1. Beats on, watching Netflix

You know who you are, I always see people watching Netflix with either headphones or earbuds on. What's the point of watching it in the library when you can be in your comfy bed instead? Can you study and watch Netflix at the same time? Probably not. I do feel a twinge of anger when I see people using a table that I could've sat at because I'm actually doing work. Altogether, can you watch Netflix in the lounge parts of the library? Because some of us are trying to study.

2. Those who literally live in the study rooms

Sometimes at the end of a long day, I'll take out a study room to review for my tests. I always see the same people in the rooms. It's almost like they camp out an hour before just to get a room. The worst part is when all the rooms are filled, and you can't find a table on the second floor. The third floor is too quiet in my opinion. I move on to find a secluded desk in the back of the library, only to see the lights off in one of the study rooms. Someone was sleeping in the study room...yeah. True story. So yeah, some of you people do live in there and you cannot deny it.

3. The people who are LOUD and aren't shy about it

I know I'm not the only person who this happens to so let me paint a picture of this scenario. Your studying for your big test and Johnny who is sitting behind you is listing his latest workout routine, or Kathy is talking about her latest big problem, and Tom is hoping Kathy never texts him again. No judgment, but I'm just trying to study. Once I hear someone talking, that is all I can hear. All in all please speak quietly for the sake of the people who are really trying to buckle down.

4. The people that create a fortress of whiteboards around their table

Props to the people who can fill two 5-1/2 foot tall whiteboards. They are the ones who are really studying hard. All I can see are organization webs and chronological notes. You can't see the person from any angle because the whiteboard creates coverage all around them. All in all, whoever you are, keep up the good work.

5. The group of people who bring take-out

I envy the people who bring take out, because what's a better reward after studying then Chinese food. But, how could I, the person who didn't bring food, study while the smell of i-Zone, Peking, or Tilly Cheesesteak is wafting in the air? It's like a Friendsgiving as they all offer to share their food with each other. I'm thankful though that they are chewing and not talking so I can get back to my studies.

6. The people who listen to their schoolwork out loud

Buy headphones! Bottom line. There is nothing else I can say except, that is just plain rude. A few weeks back I was in the library and the person at the table across from me was listening to his video reviews out loud. It was not one video, but six videos in total. My friends were making complaints out loud like, "that is so loud" and "wow, I can't even focus." You might think we're dramatic but we were just a little disappointed.

7. The people who are so stressed, and teetering on the edge

Bags under their eyes, unbrushed hair, pajama bottoms, three books open in front of them, coffee in one hand and highlighter in the other. Pulling all-nighters you find these guys in the 24-hour room at all hours of the day and possibly night. Someone needs to tell them that studies prove sleep helps you do better on tests.

Overall, yes I am dramatic. But if you can relate, then you know what I mean.

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