21 Things You Say To Your Roommate If You Two Are Practically A Married Couple

21 Things You Say To Your Roommate If You Two Are Practically A Married Couple

Until I made this list, I didn't realize how absurdly close my roommate and I were. #sorrynotsorry

1. "Can you turn the light off?"

2. "We probably shouldn't go out for dinner again...right?"

*complains about not having money* *spends $8 on Chipotle three times a week*

3. "I always pick where we go"

This is a fight you have with your roommate almost every day when you're roommate is as indecisive as mine.

4. "Do you have my keys?"

5. "Can you pick me up?"

6. "Is it hot in here?"

7. "Does this outfit look stupid?"

The answer is usually yes. No offense.

8. "Can you throw this out for me?"

9. "Can we get ice cream?"

10. "I need coffee"

This text is usually sent when you know your roomie is out running errands... errands you know are near a Starbucks.

11. "Can you tell me what happened?"

12. "Are you asleep?"

There have been times where I couldn't tell if you were asleep or dead... and I had to say this out loud to check if you were alive.

13. "Check your dm's."

*cracks up in the middle of nowhere* *catches a weird stare from your roomie across the room*

14. "Can you plug this in for me?"

15. "Can you pick a movie?"

Another instance where "I always pick" happens.

16. "Look at this girl's Instagram."

*chucks phone across the room at roommate*

17. "Can you call me?"

18. "Can we meet up?"

Separation anxiety is a real thing, people.

19. "Can you help me find my phone?"

*Tries to leave the house to do something* *loses phone* every. time.

20. "What should we do tonight?"

*tries to get ready to do something fun* *ends up staying in for another girls night*

21. "Why isn't everyone as great as us?"

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A Thank You To My Boyfriend's Family

Because you are so important to him, you are important to me.

This one isn't easy to sit down and write because nothing I could say would do all of you justice in the way that I would hope I could. These are just words, but I hope that I am able to always show my thank you to you by treating him like the prince he is.

I can replay the moment of meeting each and every one of you all over and over in my head like it was yesterday. I was so extremely nervous every single time and I was trying to gather all the "right" things to say that would leave a good, first-lasting impression and that at the end of the day, you all would like me.

I think one of the most important basis and hopes in my relationship is that my significant other's family likes who I am. This is so important to me because whatever is important to him is equally important to me and your thoughts of me are crucial to our relationship.

The second I walked in the door, I was overwhelmed—overwhelmed with such a love. I had no idea at that point in time just how much you would all mean to me and how thankful I am for all of you!

Thank you for constantly making me laugh and feel at home.

Whenever I'm coming over for a family gathering or just to hang out, I know right off that I am walking into a world of laughter and good times are right beside that. You are all so entertaining and always have a good story to tell me. I can't name one time where I didn't feel like I was home.

And I appreciate the sweet, embarrassing photos and stories about my boyfriend that you all share with me! Even if it is by a photo, I have a glimpse of what his life has always been like thanks to each and every one of you individually.

Thank you for sharing your special moments in life with me.

You don't ever have to, but you invite me anyway. Whether it's just a family gathering, a birthday, or a holiday, I am thankful to have spent those times celebrating these moments in life alongside such amazing people. It's humbling and heartwarming to be a part of memories so unforgettable that you all share and that you have welcomed me to be a part of. They are days that I will never forget and have a place in my heart forever.

Thank you for always being there for him.

Since we have started dating, I have watched the way that you guys love him. I have watched the individual relationships and moments that you share with him make a difference in who he is. I have seen you all love and support him, no matter what he was doing.

With everything that comes along in life, this has been a simple reminder of an unconditional, loving, sacrificing family that is also the best support system. You are not only impacting him, but me, too.

Thank you for welcoming me in like your own.

Whenever you have to brave up and meet your significant other's family, I can say, for myself, that I didn't know what to expect. As I'm sure, none of you did when meeting me. Today, I catch myself wondering why I even worried in the first place. You all have welcomed me in your own ways and made me feel right at home. It is not always easy to do that with just anyone, but you have all taken the time to get to know me. And now I know that if I ever needed anything, I can call one of you.

Thank you for letting me date him.

I am most thankful for this. Thank you for sharing him with me and giving me a chance to show you all how important he is to me. I never thought that I would luck out and meet someone as special, kind, and wonderful as he is, but I did.

You have supported our relationship, given me a chance to love him, and welcomed me to new adventures in love and family. I have the upmost gratitude for each of you. You are the most wonderful, welcoming, and loving family. I am overjoyed to be able to experience just a glimpse of this life with him and with all of you.

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9 Things Girls With Guy Best Friends Will Hear 7 Days A Week, From Them Or Someone Else

"It's 'rona season"


I have multiple best friends, and I love them all so dearly. Each one brings something new into my life and I couldn't survive without them. That being said, I've noticed my guy best friends, in particular, tend to have a list of things surrounding them that I hear on the regular.

From questions about them or things they say all the time, I've collected nine things that occur almost too often in my life.

1. "Is he your boyfriend?" "Are you talking to your boyfriend again?"

No world, he isn't my boyfriend, we're just close. I may claim him as my (fake) boyfriend in a time of need, but no dating here! Thankfully, my guy bffs have rolled with the punches and even turned it into a joke.

2. "This isn't the end of the world, you'll be fine"

I honestly get some of the most sage advice from my guy best friends. They recognize that I feel like everything in my life is exploding and imploding at the same time and know what to say to make it seem less daunting.

3. "I'm so proud of you!"

On top of their advice, they are also some of my biggest cheerleaders and I'm the same for them. We actively want to be involved in celebrating each other's accomplishments, even if we have to celebrate over FaceTime or text.

4. "Did I ask for a roast?"

I don't think a day goes by that we aren't roasting each other. It's almost as if I have brothers with the way we (lovingly) insult each other. We know how to push each other's buttons and bring up things the other one dislikes. Sometimes you just gotta get in a good roast.

5. "Your mom"

Okay, not everything on this list could be nice and supportive or else you'd think I was lying. I hear variations of this one so regularly that I don't think I could even list out all of the options. I hate it, which means that I hear it twice as often. I don't know why this is something that has stuck around after middle school, but I'm ready for it to go.

6. "I know you like to be involved, so listen to what happened the other day"

I love that this gets prefaced with them acknowledging that I want to know what's going on in their lives. Over time they've learned that I want to know everything, including the drama. I might not know the people, but I will happily listen to all of your stories and give my opinion.

7. "You're so predictable"

Going back to the roasting, we know how to push each other's buttons. When you're close you tend to know how someone will react and can easily get that reaction out of them. I still haven't managed to resist hating on their words or phrases that are terrible, and they know that and love to use them and then hit me with this line.

8. "The real bros know they're bros"

Honestly, I don't even know what to say here. I do hear this, or variations of this, more often that I feel like I should. I've even had an argument debating if someone is a bro or not (they weren't). But apparently, if you know, you know *eye roll*.

9. "It's a full send and it's 'rona season"

For those of you who don't know, a full send is basically going all out on something and 'rona season refers to Coronas. Yeah, I was forced to figure that out on my own. But I guess it wasn't too hard, considering they're used basically all of the time. I don't know what it is about Coronas that makes guys dedicate a full season to them, but there's something.

So be on the lookout for what your guy best friends have to say to you. Be careful, though, you might end up picking up on some of their lingo as well. I know I hundo p have.

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