Since having had two roommates in my young adult experiences, I've realized that there are crazy varying degrees of types of relationships between different roommate pairs.

I've been fortunate enough to super love both of my roommates thus far, but I have seen some wild roommate situations and I'm just here to bring these different dynamic duos to life.

Without further ado, here are some iconic roommates that I have observed thoroughly.

1. Existent Roomies

These are the roomies that literally just exist in the same space. There is never any talking necessary, other than maybe, "shut off the light when you go to bed".

These roomies just share space with each other and don't associate in essentially any other way.

Weird, but college. Am I right?

2. Acquaintance Roomies

These roomies are a level up above from the existent roomies. They maybe wish each other a nice day, and occasionally have a conversation or two about life outside of the dorm.

They are the roomies that are cool with each other and wave at each other on campus.

You'll often find these roomies saying things like, "Hey, I'm going out with friends and won't be back until Sunday. See you soon!"

Roomies like this live two completely separate lives, but they often live well together.

3. The Arch Nemesis Roomies

Okay, this makes me kinda sad but unfortunately, it does exist.

These roomies are different than the existent roomies in the way that, not only do they not really associate, but they definitely do not like each other.

These are the types of roomies who can get so annoying to each other to the point of leaving passive aggressive sticky notes behind.

Yikes, might have to file for a roommate switch?

4. The Comfy Roomies

The comfy roomy is a good way to go.

These are often the roomies that aren't super duper close, but they will walk into the room knowing that they can say something like "Ah, I really have to clip my toe nails", and not be judged in the slightest.

These types of roomies can bring up any topic of conversation, personal or weird or any of the above, and have a completely honest interaction.

Comfy roomies are cool cats.

5. The Power Roomies

Ah yes. This is your dynamic duo.

I'm fortunate enough that I can say that both of my roommates and I thus far have had this type of energy exchange, but maybe that's just my tendency to have really close relationships with people. Who knows?

Anywho, the power roomies are the ones who are both roomies and really close, life friends. They can talk about anything, and often go to each other for real-life problems.

When they hang out with other people, they often say, "Hey, I'm doing this. Wanna come?"

Power roomies will go to parties together and dress up to match with each other so that they can look cute when they arrive.

Power roomies always have each other's backs and are ready to get anything last-minute at the store for each other.

Consider it like marriage, but in a college roommate way. Yeah.