Living With Your Best Friend Is Actually A Brilliant Plan

When it is time for upcoming roommate selections for your next living arrangements, whether a dorm, apartment or house, you always hear the old tale about not living with your best friend. The horror stories go around all throughout college talking about two girls that were best friends forever and decided to room together but then end up getting into a huge argument.

I personally went against the social warning, and I am currently living with my best friend in our supper cute Maple Hill dorm. One disclaimer about Allison and I, we have been best friends since first grade. Our thirteen-year-old friendship has been pretty constant and we basically do everything together, cliché I know.

Allison and I have been living together almost a whole semester and I honestly do not see what all the fuss is about when they tell you not to room with your best friend. If we are being honest, once you have known someone so close for thirteen years, you get a feel of how to live with them and how to deal with their flaws. We both seem to flow with each other. We both know when it is time to go to sleep and we respect each other's belongings, especially food. We basically do everything just the same as we have been doing since our sleepovers in elementary school every Saturday night.

If you think that roommates spend every waking moment together, you are wrong. My class schedule is completely opposite from my roommate's, so I only see her at night. Because I and Allison are in different sororities, our lives are very busy with different activities.

It is actually a great thing that she and I are in different sororities because we can finally have something that separates us. It is also a perk because we are making so many new friends and we can go to each other's philanthropy events!

Living with your best friend also means you always have someone who is there for you literally right in your own room! You have someone who you can vent to on hard days and you know she will understand what you mean. You already have so much trust in her that you can literally tell her anything and it will stay in the dorm. You will always have someone to go grab some dinner with if you don't want to go alone.

Having your best friend as your roommate also means you have a constant "going-out buddy" and you already know she will be down for on the spot plans. Making all the memories with your roommate who is also you BFF during college is something that not everyone gets, most people either have memories with their roommate or their best friend; it is a different type of memory when you are with the same person you've been with for so long.

Having a non-stop sleepover with your bestie is what every girl dreams of and I am here to say, it really is the coolest thing! You get to go through a major change in life with your "right-hand man" and that is something I am glad I made the decision to do!

If you are really best friends you can make it through thick and thin and still have each others backs. Honestly, the nightly dance parties, boy talks, and rants about life is something that I will remember for a lifetime. Do not listen to the rumors, get yourself a roomie and make sure she is your best-friend!

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