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Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, And Neither Were You

In other words, we are all construction workers in disguise.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, And Neither Were You
Isabella Arias

I know that we all have to-do lists as long as our arms and it feels like our workload is never-ending, but we have to remember to not do it all at once. If you think about all the things you have to get done and when it has to get done, it might feel like it's all due on one day, but it's actually due on multiple days. When Rome was being built, they began with the clearing of the land and then the laying of the foundation. When you are figuring out what needs to get done, you are clearing the land and then you lay the foundation by writing everything down in a list.

When you think about the concept of building a building, you have to build the bottom floors first and then work your way up. If you start working on things that are far down your to-do list before you do things towards the top of the list, you are going to be struggling to do the things towards the top. You should put things that need to be done the soonest towards the top and then go down in chronological order. Imagine how weird a building would look if it was built from the top down, there wouldn't be any stability.

You have to make sure you blow out the candles sometimes. If you go and you build up your building and you never take any breaks, you are going to burn out very quickly. It is important to rest after you have been working too hard because otherwise, you will end up with calluses all over your hands and nobody likes those. If you work too hard for too long without any rest in between, then when you are all finished building, you will be too sore to appreciate the new building.

While you are resting, you can be coming up with ways to improve your building, if you did something you would have wanted to do differently next time. It can be interesting to look at all the different buildings you've made and how your building styles have changed over time. You should never knock down one of your buildings because someone else might come along and need to borrow it or have ways to improve so that it is more stable or more useful the next time around.

I know that pretending you are building a piece of Rome is silly, but it can help you figure out just how to get everything you need to get done, done. If you take everything step-by-step and day-by-day, you will be able to make the best building you have ever made. It can help you to imagine all of the things you have to get done as steps that are leading you to a giant room of pillows and blankets that you build at the top of all your buildings for you to rest on.

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