13 Times Marquette Basketball Stole Our Hearts
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13 Times Marquette Basketball Stole Our Hearts

Ring out ahoya!

13 Times Marquette Basketball Stole Our Hearts
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Fact: basketball season is every Marquette student's favorite time of the year. (Nope, that's a lie. It's rude of me to make assumptions about the entire Marquette student body. But hopefully it's pretty true.) Whether you're a Marquette student like me, or you were raised to love Marquette basketball (also me), we Golden Eagles bleed blue and gold, regardless of how ugly some of our losses to Iowa are or how frustrating every Villanova game seems to be. But let's put that behind us for now, because after two pretty impressive and entertaining wins against Providence and St. John's, the world deserves a reminder of how much Marquette basketball rocks. Ranging from memorable tournament appearances to equally important Instagram photos, here's a small collection of times we loved #mubb the most.

1. When we went to the Final Four.

Tell me a month happier than March of 2003. I dare you.

2. When everyone's favorite seniors sang this iconic farewell.

If you've seen this video, you know why it's on this list. If you've never seen this video, you're welcome. Shout out to all my fellow #mubb fan-girls who still have this memorized because we watched it on repeat for literal weeks in 8th grade. I peaked in 8th grade.

3. When Vander Blue hit this buzzer beater against Davidson.

Maybe it shouldn't have been this close of a game to begin with, but looking back, this was way more fun than a boring ole blow-out! MADNESS is right! (Not my best.)

4. When Wojo posted this Instagram.

The caption included, "Love being his dad." And the world sobbed.

5. And when Wojo posted this Instagram.

He's SO SUPPORTIVE. Classic Wojo. What a keeper.

6. Everything that's ever happened on Davante Gardner's Twitter account.

Will this ever not be relevant? Doubtful. #NeverForget @iGetBuckets_54. We be chillin doe, Davante. We still be chillin doe. And we still rock the BC. #Buckets #swoopem

7. When Buzz did this.

So strange. So sweaty. So, so sweaty. We'll always have mixed feelings about his departure. But we'll always smile watching this GIF of the iconic solo dancing after a pretty cool win in West Virginia.

8. When Jae Crowder made this unreal shot (that didn't count).

Okay, so he's a Celtic now, but that's beside the point. Jae will always be a Golden Eagle, and this illegal full-court basket is crazy, so of course it made the list.

9. Anytime Rob Frozena stepped on the court.

Miss you.

10. When Dwyane Wade surprised us all.

Miss you more.

11. When Jimmy Butler wore THESE SHOES.

If you don't thoroughly stalk Jimmy and look through the windows of the Al when he shows up on campus, what are you doing?

12. When Sandy Cohen should've won the Marquette Madness dunk contest.

Skip to 1:13 to watch arguably the best thing to ever happen at Marquette Madness.

And now watch it again from different angle because the hug at the end is important.

*makes picture phone background*

*prints out picture and hangs on fridge*

*prints out more copies and hands them out to strangers in order to spread joy*

^Too far, Ellie.

13. When we won the 1977 NCAA Championship.

Saved the best for last! Thanks, Al! Go Warriors.

And one more just for good measure -

#WinEveryDay #IWouldDieForWojo

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