The Best Part About Going Back to School

Summer Time is one of the greatest times of the year for a college student. No due dates, no assignments just fun in the sun (and internships of course). Returning to school means that there are important due dates and assignments. But returning to school also means returning to a routine that features seeing the people you missed most.

Getting to organize pictures and grocery shopping is always more fun when you are with your people. These people I refer to are not just your friends you make in class or those sorority sisters or fraternity brothers. I mean the people you call when you cannot sleep at night or something drastic happens. Your people are the ones that you call crying or call when you think of something funny and no one is around. They are the best part of returning to campus.

College is stressful and can be very difficult. Move in is definitely stressful and annoying. But it is all worth it when you finally see your people.

To my People: I miss you all so much. Summer has not been the same not seeing you every day. I am sorry if I get mad, I just am not ready to handle school yet. Adulting is too hard, but you all make it so much easier. Here is to another great year with you all as my people.

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