A New Revolution: Love
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Politics and Activism

A New Revolution: Love

Listening to Dr.King's words.

A New Revolution: Love

I am not one for relationships. In fact, I was labeled as “dismissive” in my science of relationships class, which pretty much means I avoid relationships and feelings on all levels possible. But even I recognize the need for love in this world.

In this generation, we almost pride ourselves in our abilities not to feel, as if evading emotion is now the new “cool” thing to do. I think it is about time to state a simple fact: if this world needs more of anything, it’s love. We often try to mask our emotions as a form of protection, but I ask what good has come from it?

We are currently living in an era full of racial and political tension, a world in which innocent people are dying in the Middle East, where women still have to protest for basic human rights. The world is so quick to promote hate, contempt, spitefulness, but not love.

I think that recently, there is a sad misconception that hate will make our voices heard, that hate will start a revolution. But, after the riots in Ferguson, was the issue of police brutality solved? It only continued, putting a greater divide between races in our country. Hate might make you heard, but it will not make you healed.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I am not always saying that we have to be nice, or that we have to sit back and wait. But there are ways to channel your contempt and hate, into something that will blossom into love. I know it sounds corny, the whole “ hate divides and love conquers”, but when is the last time you’ve done anything good for this world in the name of hate?

Hate killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., hate killed Abraham Lincoln, hate took the life of Malcolm X. It was hate towards race, towards people, towards races, that led to some of the greatest leaders to death. But it was our love, our love for our family, and our fellow brothers and sisters that drove our people to keep moving forward in ending slavery, and soon later segregation.

People perform powerful acts in the name of love. So why is our generation so set on not feeling? It takes so much more effort to hate, then to love. In this world, a world full of so much hate and tragedy, we need more people acting out of love.

As Dr. King would say, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Stop creating burdens, start spreading and advocating for love. For action out of love to create true revolution.

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