Why Revoking The Transgender Bathroom School Guidance Was The Right Call

Why Revoking The Transgender Bathroom School Guidance Was The Right Call

We may disagree, but my opinion is still valid.

All cards on the table: I'm a conservative Christian. Like uber-conservative and uber-Christian. With that said, I am going to do my best to write this without any bias. I hope you, as a reader and possible opponent, do the same.

I have an opinion and so do you. I'm not naïve enough to think that I could, even potentially, change yours. But the fact of the matter is that we live in a society flooded with liberal media and liberal thoughts. Oftentimes, aggression also overcomes conversation. Conservative views are pushed down and, certainly not, viewed equally. I, for one, will not be afraid to say what I think.

People who identify as transgender are still people and do have certain unalienable rights as endowed by our Constitution. I don't believe that we shouldn't treat them and love them as we would other people. I'm not going to put you down for the person you believe you are.

But, here's the deal.

In June 2016, the New York Times conducted a study that found that approximately 1.4 million of the United States' approximately 242 million adults, or about 0.005%, identify with a gender different than the one assigned at birth by God. The Obama Administration's recently rescinded guidance does not affect these adults, though.

It affects children and teenagers in schools. One fact that is consistently brought up in study's of errant behavior in adolescents is the fact that males frontal lobes, the rational part, are not fully developed. The University of Rochester Medical Center has recorded that the frontal lobe is not fully developed until about 25 years of age.

So, in certain situations, we write off behavior as kids still learning who they are and growing up, but when a kid makes a decision barely fit for even an adult, they know exactly what they are doing? Correct me if I'm wrong, but something seems off there.

If we find a problem with an 18-year-old picking a major and career path straight out of high school, but applaud a 7-year-old boy who decides he is really a she, then we are heading and pushing that child down a path that will only lead him to destruction. Both choices are life-changing, but when one fits our agenda and corroborates the views we want the world to see, we amplify it until children seeking praise latch on.

Children do not understand the intricacies of many social situations. Children do not understand transgenderism. They are likely to only portray what views their parents hold and lay out in front of them.

If I'm a child and I start to realize that I don't fit in with the other kids, I'm going to start to think I'm different, but if my parents hold having a transgender child as a badge of honor and tolerance for the world to see, I'll start to think that maybe I am transgender.

In the same way that a child whose parents identify them as transgender doesn't understand transgenderism, the other kids don't either. If I'm in the bathroom and one of my female first-grade classmates walks into the bathroom, would a brutally honest kid let it go? A guidance that is meant to not discriminate only opens children up to being ridiculed.

Is it really worth getting rid of discrimination, if we are only going to replace it with ridicule. The same way that I'm not naïve enough to think anything I say will change your opinion, don't be naïve enough to think that a removal of discrimination will solve any problems we have.

Why does it stop here, either? If I can identify myself as a woman and you can't question it because that's how I feel on the inside, why can't I identify as a black woman? That's a legitimate question. If gender has no biological determinant, then why does race? Because we don't have another word for it like we do with sex and gender?

When Bruce Jenner alerted the world to his new life as Caitlyn, he was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. I would venture to say that me publicly stating that I disagree with transgenderism takes more courage, than saying I'm a different gender to a society that largely embraces and defends you, but I don't see any awards coming my way anytime soon.

The fact that President Trump has revoked the guidance does not mark him as intolerant or anti-transgender. It means that there is a way to find a middle ground where transgender people get the rights they want and those who disagree aren't losing the rights we have. No one should have to lose their rights in order for someone else to obtain them, if that's your solution, then you haven't thought hard enough. Forcing change on people who disagree based on their religious beliefs only makes the problem worse, not better.

Just because I disagree with the most prevalent thoughts doesn't make me a bad person, but removing the guidance, not law, was absolutely the right choice.

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This Is How Your Same-Sex Marriage Affects Me As A Catholic Woman

I hear you over there, Bible Bob.

It won't.

Wait, what?

I promise you did read that right. Not what you were expecting me to say, right? Who another person decides to marry will never in any way affect my own marriage whatsoever. (Unless they try to marry the person that I want to, then we might have a few problems.)

As a kid, I was raised, baptized, and confirmed into an old school Irish Catholic church in the middle of a small, midwestern town. Not exactly a place that most people would consider to be very liberal or open-minded. Despite this I was taught to love and accept others as a child, to not cast judgment because the only person fit to judge was God. I learned this from my Grandpa, a man whose love of others was only rivaled by his love of sweets and spoiling his grandkids.

While I learned this at an early age, not everyone else in my hometown — or even within my own church — seemed to get the memo. When same-sex marriage was finally legalized country-wide, I cried tears of joy for some of my closest friends who happen to be members of the LGBTQ community. I was happy while others I knew were disgusted and even enraged.

"That's not what it says in the bible! Marriage is between a man and a woman!"

"God made Adam and Eve for a reason! Man shall not lie with another man as he would a woman!"

"Homosexuality is a sin! It's bad enough that they're all going to hell, now we're letting them marry?"

Alright, Bible Bob, we get it, you don't agree with same-sex relationships. Honestly, that's not the issue. One of our civil liberties as United States citizens is the freedom of religion. If you believe your religion doesn't support homosexuality that's OK. What isn't OK is thinking that your religious beliefs should dictate others lives. What isn't OK is using your religion or your beliefs to take away rights from those who chose to live their life differently than you.

Some members of my church are still convinced that their marriage now means less because people are free to marry whoever they want to. Honestly, I wish I was kidding. Tell me again, Brenda how exactly do Steve and Jason's marriage affect yours and Tom's?

It doesn't. Really, it doesn't affect you at all. Unless Tom suddenly starts having an affair with Steve their marriage has zero effect on you. You never know Brenda, you and Jason might become best friends by the end of the divorce. (And in that case, Brenda and Tom both need to go to church considering the bible also teaches against adultery and divorce.)

I'll say it one more time for the people in the back; same-sex marriage does not affect you even if you or your religion does not support it. If you don't agree with same sex marriage then do not marry someone of the same sex. Really, it's a simple concept.

It amazes me that I still actually have to discuss this with some people in 2017. And it amazes me that people use God as a reason to hinder the lives of others. As a proud young Catholic woman, I wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ community with my entire being. My God taught me to not hold hate so close to my heart. He told me not to judge and to accept others with open arms. My God taught me to love and I hope yours teaches you the same.

Disclaimer - This article in no way is meant to be an insult to the bible or religion or the LGBTQ community.

Cover Image Credit: Sushiesque / Flickr

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Double Standards Are Plaguing Our Society

What and how are double standards hurting our society?

Why is that when a female has many sexual partners she is considered a slut, but when a male does it he is celebrated as a king? Why is it when a male wears makeup or paints his nails his shunned by the world, but when a girl does it she looks bomb? How can the pope support ending the gender gap, but refuse to allow women to hold spiritual leadership roles? It’s because we live in a world filled with double standards.

What is a double standard? Merriam-Webster states it’s “a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.” We see in our society that there are many double standards between races, religions, sexualities, and genders.

Many double standards are hurting our country and even our world. Many people are blind to the double standards that plague our community especially if isn’t affecting them, while some just accept these as okay in our society, but they aren't okay. Here a few double standards that are seen in today's society.


  • Women are paid less than men for doing the same exact job.
  • If a man cries he is considered weak, while it’s alright for a woman to do so.
  • When a male is sexually harassed by a woman he is lucky, while it happens to women it’s considered rape (I’m not denouncing rape that happens to women)
  • If a woman asserts any kind of dominance she’s a bitch, but if a guy does it he’s a leader.


  • If someone of Muslim faith kills someone the headlines are “Muslim Terrorist Strikes Again!”, but they never announce if the killer was a Christian. They say he was a “lone wolf”
  • If a Christian teacher tried to make the class pray it would be okay, and millions would support them, but if a Muslim teacher tried that the world would go crazy.
  • the KKK (who are “Christians”) is okay, they can recruit through their website which isn’t blocked in any way and even endorsed our current president


  • If a black person does anything they seem suspicious, but when white people do it, it’s okay.
  • When NFL teams win big games their fans destroy cities, but if any peaceful protest happens it’s a riot and police decide to throw tear gas.
  • If a white person uses weed their considered a stoner, but if a black person does it they’re a criminal.


  • if a straight couple does anything it’s normal. If a gay couple does it, it’s an abomination.
  • Straight couples can mistreat their own kids and it be okay, but if a gay couple wants to adopt a kid all hell breaks loose.


  • If some bigger over eats their considered fat, and unhealthy, but if a thinner person over eats no one says a word.

Of course, there are so many other double standards that affect other groups of people, but just having these few is too many. We have to do something about this! If we allow one group of people to do something we must allow all other groups to do so as well. This must change to allow everyone to feel equal if we claim to be an equal opportunity country.

It isn't impossible to change these double standards as we have seen double standards in the past be changed. such as a male could be a doctor, but a women couldn't. Or even a white person holding a higher position in work and black person couldn't. Therefore, we see a change can happen, but only if we choose to make it happen.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley8053

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