Great Ways To Revitalize Yourself This Summer

It's that time of year!! Summer is upon us. This is the time to give yourself permission to relax, reflect, rejuvenate, and find some pride in yourself for all of the hard work that you've accomplished this academic year.

To celebrate that and where you are on your journey, here are just some ideas on what you could do in your "Summer of revitalization 2019!"

1. Travel

This doesn't have to be anything huge. Maybe try a new restaurant, walk in a different part of town, or even just take a drive to a special place.

2. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Throw it back and do something genuine.

3. Lay a Blanket Out Under The Stars

This could be with someone you love, some friends, or even just yourself. Have you ever taken a moment to just look up and marvel in the magnificence of the universe? It's a truly beautiful thing.

4. Skinny Dip

So. Liberating.

5. Hang Out With Feel Good Friends

Laughter is healing. So are hugs.

6. Eat Some Ice Cream

Do I even have to explain this?

7. Go To A Beach

Or this. It's summer, my dudes.

8. Journal

Reflect and feed your soul!

9. Go On A Nature Walk

For me, this is so grounding and relaxing.

10. Feel The Earth Under Your Bare Feet

So is this.

11. Give Yourself Some "You" Time

You deserve it.

12. Do Something That Will Make You Happy!

Whatever just popped into your mind, even if you feel like other people wouldn't like it for you... DO IT. This is your one, beautiful life. Live it for you.

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