9 Thoughts On The 9 Trailers Before "Beauty And The Beast"

9 Thoughts On The 9 Trailers Before "Beauty And The Beast"

While everyone may be buzzing about the film, I have a bone to pick with its coming attractions.

Tale as old as time, or is it? Now one would think that I'm talking about the newly released and highly anticipated "Beauty and the Beast". While everyone may be buzzing about it for better or worse, I have a bone to pick with its coming attractions.

While I patiently awaited the wonder that would be Emma Watson gracing my screen, I was saddened, shocked, and frankly a little upset of the trailers I had to endure. Almost every other film seemed to be a sequel or yet another unasked-for spin-off in a set of many films of a franchise. It was tiring to see such a lack of original content for young audiences, but it ultimately made the completely fresh and innovative works stand out even more.

Check out my thoughts below and let me know what you think! Who best to review a bunch of movie trailers aimed for children than a detached adult who is young at heart like me?

1. "Born in China"

This tale from Disney seems to be all sorts of adorable. If the preciousness of baby animals isn’t enough to hook you, it also features commentary from John Krasinski. You got some eye candy for the adults and some for the kids, so it’s a double win. It seems like oodles of cuteness is promised and is educational as well!

Recommendation: Would bring my children to if I had any

2. "The Boss Baby"

What I thought was clever with the trailer was how they used being played before "Beauty and the Beast" to their advantage. They had a special ditty before their trailer that featured Lumiere and Cogsworth which was clever. The concept has potential with a baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) acting more like a fully grown adult rounds up the rest of the babies since they are in trouble versus puppies in terms of cuteness. Not sure how the logic of the movie pans out but could be humorous. I do love me some babies, puppies, and strangely Alec Baldwin’s voice.

Recommendation: Probably not a terrible time

3. "The Smurfs: The Lost Village"

Now, I will be the first to say I never got on board with this whole Smurfs thing. I’ve always been so puzzled of what audience they’re for. Children? Adults? A small majority who love sequels more than the original? Knowing nothing about the Smurfs and their previous movies, it seems like such a waste to continue whatever shenanigans they’re up to now. I feel like no one is really like, “You know what I desperately need? Another Smurfs movie.”

Recommendation: A hard pass

4. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul"

I cannot believe that this is a film series. How is there actually a following for this? I’m familiar that this is a popular book series, but we all know that book to film adaptations are an easy hit or miss. This one seems to lean more toward a miss. The slapstick comedy of a family taking a dreaded road trip where everything goes wrong because they always do in these wacky vacation movies. The only positive moment was when the mother of this family forces her family to put on Spice Girls which I’m not gonna lie made me lol. A redeeming moment, but not enough.

Recommendation: Grab the book, not this movie.

5. "Transformers: The Last Knight"

Do we really need another one of these? What other stories are there left to tell? As you might have guessed, I could never get behind "Transformers", but I can’t be alone in wondering this. Mark Wahlberg has to have better things to do for one. While I appreciate that a young female seems to be at the forefront of this film, this should have been the case films ago. We shouldn’t be this far to now only have a strong female taking action and being a badass. Get it together, people.

Recommendation: Yawn. Next.

6. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

As a beloved fan of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, this I get to take umbrage with. WHY?????????? This actually upsets me. This is so unnecessary and stretching out a franchise that put out a solid three films. The young ones (including myself) who grew up with the franchise are definitely over this, and there’s no way this late in the game you can be getting new fans. Please, Disney let this franchise go while you can.

Recommendation: Watch the first three, then boycott the rest.

7. "Despicable Me 3"

"Despicable Me 3" makes me so conflicted. I was an avid fan of the original, passed on the second, and was a hard pass on the minions getting their own movie. It made me so upset that I had to stop loving minions altogether, cause those little twinkies were everywhere. While I understand making sequels to such a profitable original film, third is where it’s a stretch. If you’re going to do a third, it should at least be the culminating chapter of the trilogy. But from this trailer, it seems they're just getting started. If you want to keep continuing the story, then make it a television show instead of another film that will never be as good the first time around.

Recommendation: Stick with the original.

8. "Wonder Woman"

FINALLY! A compelling, empowering, original story that is not a sequel or spin-off of a previous film. This trailer and its placement before "Beauty and the Beast" thrilled me. It made me so happy that they would feature another story with a strong female protagonist to check out as well. It’s so important for movie goers, especially young girls, to see how there are other stories where women get to be the lead. And they don’t have to be princesses or weak or proper, but badasses! Very cool, and very much looking forward to seeing this adaptation.

Recommendation: A must-see attraction

9. "Coco"

While "Wonder Woman" seems promising, this one seems to take the cake. Not only in terms of cuteness but Coco’s storytelling, while vague, seems worthwhile. It features a young boy who aspires to be a famous Spanish musician.It also alludes to going into the underworld in remembrance of Day of the Dead which definitely sounds like an exciting adventure for an animated children’s film. I’m definitely intrigued to what this film could be. It seems like it has potential to be another charming Disney classic!

Recommendation: Hopefully optimistic, would recommend

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