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So, I am taking a different turn today and I'm starting on, The Crown, season one, episode one. I will be taking live notes detail to detail, so prepare to either read my review later after you have watched the first season's first episode, read some to prepare for what is to come, or just read for the fun of it. Your choice!

The beginning, the King is coughing blood. It makes me wonder what will happen next for him and what is going on? Prince Phillip of Greece and of Denmark renounced his nationality and all foreign titles to become part of the royal Navy. (I enjoy the acting so far). Very serious and very well kept together. Princess Elizabeth II looks beautiful at her wedding. I think I am going to enjoy this miniseries a lot I can already tell! I want her wedding dress it's so gorgeous! Uh oh, it doesn't seem like she wants to marry him, I wonder what her story is there? She seems happy one minute and not very happy the next. Now I see why, no one supported the marriage and I guess she became nervous on her wedding day... what a shame. She should enjoy it.

I am guessing the King has cancer and doesn't know it but I am sure we will learn more about that later. So after watching the six months later videos, I see that she did want to marry Phillip so it must have just been the nerves knowing no one supports the marriage. I have a different opinion on the King though, I believe he supports the marriage because he loves his Daughter. The King is now undergoing surgery but still no words on what is going on with him at the moment. The surgery went well but Prince Phillip sees a different story from the Surgeon's face. (I am guessing liver issues). That organ didn't look too great but everything does seem fine so I'm not sure what Prince Phillip's concern was about, but I guess it was more of the suspense showing us what was going on inside his body and why he was coughing up blood instead of just coming out telling us.

Oh my gosh I think Peter is evil and that was what Phillip's concern was maybe, I could be wrong but I do believe he will be the one bringing in the drama. Churchill won the election for Prime Minister for the second time. (Bronchoscopy I guess was the whole operation part). I am so confused on that, so I will just let it go!

Anyways, I think the chemistry between Churchill and the King is perfect. Love it! Oh my gosh ok, so it was a lung they took out! I couldn't tell. Now the King is breathing on one lung. Got it! So my cancer guess was correct. Oh yikes, Peter and Margaret are not a good thing! Now I see why she doesn't want him going home for the holidays. Maybe Peter isn't evil but he sure is bringing on the drama! A malignant (cancerous) tumor, yikes! I hate the coughing has come back. Thank goodness they removed it by removing the left lung but the right lung has significant blockages. I understand the Surgeon was over ruled on the decision to not tell the King the full picture of his condition but dang, you would think he would do it anyway because well that is his and only his business. I guess I won't think too far into it but I like the King. I am sad he is going to only have months to live but I am hoping for at least years but it most likely just months.

I miss London food. This show makes me want to go back just for the food and that yummy hot tea with milk. Yes, I still make hot tea with milk! The King woke up Prince Phillip while he was naked. I have never laughed so hard in my life! It looks like the King and Prince Phillip are bonding now and I am loving every minute of it. I wonder what the big red box with "The King" written on it is about. I have a feeling the duck hunting trip will be his last trip. If I had to guess, I think it was the box with his bloody hankies but I could be wrong.

On to the second episode of season one to find out!

I recommend this show!

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