After taking a year to himself, doing whatever he wanted and keeping a low key profile, Ed Sheeran is back with an all new album. '÷' is what he calls it, and I've personally been blasting it since it was released on March 3rd. The brilliant, British, red head has some major hits on this album, so here's a review of all of them. (WARNING: I will most likely be biased in this review, because I love Ed and you should too. Okay, read on.)

1) Eraser.

This song is very Ed-like. He sings, while using his "not a rapper, but a singer with a flow" voice. Very catchy.

2) Castle on the Hill.

This song makes me all kinds of nostalgic. I don't live in a castle on the hill, but I feel like I do whenever I listen to this song. When Ed begins to talk about his friends, I feel like I also know them. One of the best songs on the album, and it's only the second track.

3) Dive.

This is a kind of kick-back song that makes you want to sing to it in the car while driving the scenic route home.

4) Shape of You.

A total bop. Ed released this single for the debut of the album for a reason. When it was first released, I listened to it on repeat for about three days straight.

5) Perfect.

Ed, you have a way with words. Perfect is the kind of song you want to play at your wedding, and it makes me so happy and yet so sad (probably because I'm painfully single. Ouch.)

6) Galway Girl.

An upbeat bop that makes you want to belt out the lyrics. The background music makes you think of and Irish tune, and it makes the song super fun as well.

7) Happier.

I feel like this album is an emotional roller coaster. One minute, I'm jamming and the next I want a pint of Ben and Jerry's to cry in to. Happier is one of those songs that you listen to when you're upset, and it's one of those #relatable break up songs.

8) New Man.

The only way I can describe this song is with the word "savage." Ed is obviously throwing some major shade about someone's new boyfriend, but it's amazing. The sass is unreal, and my love for Ed grows with every snarky lyric.

9) Hearts Don't Break Around Here.

Another slow, soft song. Ed's vocals on this track are phenomenal, and it makes me feel so many things at once.

10) What Do I Know?

This song sets the stage for Ed's background in his career. I feel like I got to know Ed better after this song, and that makes me happy. We're best friends now, I'm sure.

11) How Would You Feel (Paen).

According to Ed, this is "one of [his] favzzzzzzz," and it's one of mine too. The lyrics are so sweet, and you can just tell that Ed is a down to earth guy who is sincere and loving.

12) Supermarket Flowers.

Again, another song that showcases Ed's vocals, and the words are so meaningful. Tears formed in my eyes for this one, good job Edward.

13) Barcelona.

I actually feel like I'm going on a vacation to Barcelona while listening to this song. This tune is so upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance around.

14) Bibia Be Ye Ye.

Weird name, but such a good song. One of my favorites on the album for sure. It's tune is so fun and makes you want to just bop along to the music.

15) Nancy Mulligan.

If you're looking for a song that sounds like a classic Irish jig, Nancy Mulligan is your song.

16) Save Myself.

I feel like I relate to this song the most. Ed has a beautiful way of encompassing feelings that many of his fans, including myself, can relate to. I think that's what's so magical about this song.

Over all, this album is, in my opinion, incredible. It's filled with Ed-like songs, songs that make you feel, and songs that make you laugh and want to dance. The year long break was good to you, Ed, but we're glad that you're back.