Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton Mixtape' And 'Moana' Previews

Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton Mixtape' And 'Moana' Previews

Lin-Manuel Miranda is in the headlines for the second week in a row - and with good reason.

With the "Hamilton Mixtape" being made available for pre-order along with two preview tracks on Saturday, Lin-Manuel Miranda has officially been in the headlines for over two weeks. It started with the release of a clip from the upcoming Disney princess movie, "Moana," featuring a new song called, "You're Welcome." The clip is only fifty seconds long, but the idea of The Rock singing a song with a melody written by Lin-Manuel Miranda had it trending within an hour of being posted. It's catchy, has been stuck in my head since it came out, and started a trend that kept Lin on everyone's newsfeed for weeks.

A few days later, Lin was in the headlines again with even bigger news. Alessia Cara's cover of what is looking like the anthem of "Moana," "How Far I'll Go," was posted in full, followed by a music video a week afterward. Before these two songs were released, all Disney fans had were the trailer songs and a piece of the chorus from a singing Moana doll released earlier this year, so it's not surprising that they rushed to the new tracks so quickly, especially since Alessia Cara is a popular artist, known best for songs like "Wild Things" and the endlessly relatable "Here." This song felt different, though. It is very clearly the "I Want" song of the movie, set to join songs like the "Belle" reprise, "Part Of Your World," or "Just Around The Riverbend" as a part of the classic Disney princess tradition of looking for more than the life they're living. Even though it's a cover, it is very clear that this is a song that is going to stick as a major part of the Disney canon. The fact that it has the potential to be given that much attention once the movie comes out and we are allowed to hear Moana sing it is especially excited because it could mean Lin being added to a very exclusive list of people: the EGOT winners. Only twelve people have been able to succeed in winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, and each one of them has taken over ten years to do it. If Lin manages to win the Oscar in 2017, it will have taken him just under that, as well as make him the youngest person to ever do it. The first to complete the EGOT was Richard Rodgers, which is fitting, considering Lin's musicals "In The Heights" and "Hamilton" have found their home at the theater named for Rodgers.

Speaking of "Hamilton," Lin made headlines once again toward the end of this past week, when he dropped the tracklist for the "Hamilton Mixtape," an album of covers and remixes of "Hamilton" songs, from the show, never-released, or simply inspired by the show, and each performed by famous rap and hip-hop artists. Artists like Alicia Keys, Chance the Rapper, Sia, and Usher are a part of the tracklisting, which you can see in full on Lin's twitter, and two songs were just released as previews. The first is "My Shot (Rise Up Remix)" by The Roots and featuring Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz, and Nate Ruess and is a complete reimagining of Hamilton's own "I Want" song. The song's new rhymes are all noteworthy, but Busta Rhymes' verse really stands out, especially because Hercules Mulligan's style of rapping is actually inspired in part by Busta Rhymes.

The other song released is "It's Quiet Uptown," sung by Kelly Clarkson. To be completely honestly, I was a little taken aback by this version, as the tone didn't really seem to fit the feeling the song is meant to convey and it's hard to imagine any version of the song that could beat Renee Elise Goldsberry's opening and closing verses. Still, once the song returns to the quiet piano of the original, particularly from the line, "I don't pretend to know the challenges we're facing, I know there's no replacing what we've lost, and you need time," it's hard not to be moved. The mixtape is going to be release on December 2nd, but is available for preorder now. Now that these two songs are going to keep Lin trending for a couple days and with the soundtrack to "Moana" set to release on November 18th, a few days before the movie's release, I doubt we'll be seeing any less of him on our newsfeeds any time soon.

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Cover Image Credit:

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20 Friends You're Bound To Make In College As Told By Memes Of 2018

2. The over-competitive friend - Lebron James and JR Smith


College is a strange place with even stranger people. Although you may have already encountered these kinds of people, they will intensify and grow once you step foot on a university campus. Here are 20 people you are BOUND to meet in college as told by some of the most popular memes of 2018:

1. The friend that everyone secretly hates but still keeps around - Mocking Spongebob

This person usually doesn't pick up on social cues and says anything they want. However, they have some kind of good connection/quality such as a car or kitchen.

2. The over-competitive friend - Lebron James and JR Smith

This person may be an athlete or worse - the non-athlete friends who thinks they SHOULD be an athlete. Is always at open gym hours trying to impress the real athletes.

3. The girl who somehow knows everything - Michaela Coel

This is the person who has the inside scoop on literally everyone on campus and no one knows how she knows what she does. If you need to know anything about anyone, she's your gal.

4. The girl athlete - Gym Kardashian

Usually a volleyball/softball player and reminds everyone every chance she gets. Will beat the campus douche in an arm wrestling match every time.

5. The friend who will debate anything - Change My Mind

Politics, religion, even a question on a test. They will have an argument for EV ER Y THING.

6. The friend who's always singing - Yodel Boy

This person is ALWAYS singing - sometimes it's good, and sometimes you'll want to rip your ears off.

7. The friend with a constant positive attitude - This is Fine

Their life may be falling apart but they still manage to find something good out of any situation. Usually offers their time to others because they truly care. TREASURE THESE PEOPLE.

8. The sheltered friend - Is This a Pigeon?

These people come from the strictest household and when on campus, they don't know the half of what's going on. They think the f word is "friggin."

9. The pre-med/future therapist friend - I Don't Feel So Good

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10 The campus douche - Distracted Boyfriend

This guy takes advantage of the overabundance of the female population on campus - steer clear. Usually will be wearing Sperry's, a backwards hat, and visible tattoos that probably mean nothing.

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12. The mean friend that everyone openly hates but still keeps around - Savage Patrick

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13. The paranoid friend - Out of Breath Spongebob

This person uses Quizlet on an exam and feels sick about it for a week. They also get freaked out if you put lemonade in your water cup at Chipotle.

14. The clueless friend - Confused Cardi B

There's no need to drop hints about something with this person. Just say it like it is or don't say it at all.

15. The THOT friend - Pregnant Kylie Jenner

This person is ready for a "good time" if you know what I mean. They will also be ready to give any kind of useful advice if you ask.

16. The unreliable friend - Highway Exit

This person will say they will go out with you on Friday night and then bail an hour before saying they have homework or a headache. You will eventually learn to stop asking them to do anything or go anywhere.

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