Top 20 Favorite Quotes From Hamilton: An American Musical
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Top 20 Favorite Quotes From Hamilton: An American Musical

"I am not throwing away my shot!"

Top 20 Favorite Quotes From Hamilton: An American Musical
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If you have been in the same room as me in the past six months, you have probably heard me mention Hamilton: An American Musical at least 40 times. Hamilton tells the story of America's founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Written and staring Lin-Manuel Miranda, the story uses the genre of hip-hip to tell the audience about the creation of American and how Alexander Hamilton came to America with nothing and worked to become George Washington's "Right Hand Man" and first Secretary of the Treasury. The lyrics to the musical add much more depth and passion to the story. For me it is difficult to pick a favorite song, let alone my favorite quotes. If I could I would say my favorite is the entire soundtrack, but I was able to narrow it down to 20 of my favorite quotes from Hamilton: An American Musical!

1.“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait”- Alexander Hamilton

I think most everyone can relate to this on a personal level. Everyone has the potential to do many great things, it will just take time.

2. “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”- Aaron Burr, Sir

I personally am not a very opinionated person. I typically observe my surroundings and see what will happen. This lyric makes the audience inspired to take a stand and become more passionate and believe in their decisions.

3. “I’m past patiently waitin’. I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation. Every action’s an act of creation! I’m laughin’ in the face of casualties and sorrow. For the first time, I’m thinkin’ past tomorrow”- Alexander Hamilton, My Shot

If you ever need an inspiration song, listen to My Shot because it will get your blood pumping and make you feel like you can accomplish anything. This one lyric can make you want to get up and finish everything on you To Do list.

4. “I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love! Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da”-King George, You’ll Be Back

This song is one of the best breakup songs ever written. In this song, King George is singing about his “break up” with the colonies. This line is one of the memorable moments that makes you laugh every time you hear it.

5. “I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”-Aaron Burr, Wait For It

This lyric is one of my favorite in the entire musical. It is powerful because it even though life may dictate some aspects of your life, it is reminding the listener that they have control over their destiny and choices. I would highly recommend listening to this song with headphones because it is an experience like no other.

6. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine”- Ten Duel Commandments / Take a Break (Reprise) / World Was Wide Enough

Throughout the entire soundtrack there is constant repetition of counting to ten. Whether it is in French or it is right before a duel, the rhythm and lyrics constantly appear throughout the musical. I find it interesting how every time the melody appears, it makes the listener feel a different emotion because of the style of song. When the cast is counting in the end of Ten Duel Commandments, my heart is pumping from the adrenaline because it is a fast-paced song. On the other side, when counting occurs in Take A Break (Reprise), these number bring me to tears because the situation is devastating and symbolic. The cast performs each set of numbers with passion that makes the listener feel the characters’ emotions.

7. “ Will you relish being a poor man’s wife? Unable to provide for your life? // I relish being your wife. Look around, look around…”- Alexander Hamilton / Eliza Hamilton That Would Be Enough

You can just sense the love between Hamilton and Eliza in this piece. They are so dedicated to each other and the listener can sense it.

8. “Why do you write like you’re writing out of time?”- Non Stop

Whenever I am doing an assignment or essay I find myself listening to Non Stop. This song is so motivating because the fast tempo and the lyrics push you to write “like tomorrow won’t arrive”. This lyric is simple and yet can be used to describe Hamilton. He never stops writing, working, and pushing for his beliefs. The song reflects a rhythm similar to how a person’s energetic mind would move.

9. “I was chosen for the Constitutional Conventional!”- Alexander Hamilton, Non Stop

When listening to the song, you can hear a joy in Hamilton’s voice. Whenever I hear this lyric I never fail to smile because he sounds like a child on a Christmas. It is moments like this where the cast of the album is able to fully express their character’s emotion to the audience. As a listener you are able to hear exactly how Hamilton feels.

10. “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51”- Aaron Burr, Non Stop

By the time this lyric occurs in Non Stop I feel like I can run a marathon. When I start doubting if I can finish my work, I put this song on and think “if Hamilton can write 51 essays in six months, I think i will be able to finish all my reading”. The anticipation and the passion lyric gives me goosebumps every time I listen to the song. (Which is at least once a day)

11. “Your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor, “We plant seeds in the South. We create.” Yeah, keep ranting. We know who’s really doing the planting”- Alexander Hamilton, Cabinet Battle #1

If I could discribe the musical Hamilton in one lyric, this would be one of my choices. Whenever I hear this lyric I always respond by going “OH SNAP! WHAT A BURN”... and then realize I am getting hyped up over Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson discussing how to handle the nation’s debt. Yeah.

12. “But my God, she looks so helpless, and her body’s saying, “hell, yes” ”- Alexander Hamilton, Say No To This

I have such a love/hate relationship with the song. I cannot believe Hamilton's actions, but the song is so catchy and the lyrics are so well written. It perfectly captures Hamilton's situation in one line.

13. “ “Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, And no one shall make them afraid.” ”- George Washington, One Last Time

The fact George Washington would actually used this quote in real life shows how in-depth Lin-Manuel Miranda researched the characters. The end of this song, One Last Time, it even includes part of George Washington's real Farewell Address!

14. “And when my prayers to God were met with indifference, I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance”- Alexander Hamilton, Hurricane

Hamilton constantly showcases how writing can be an influential form of expression. Alexander Hamilton was able to write himself into New York and into her career. I love how he is able change his life through writing.

15. “We push away what we can never understand. We push away the unimaginable”- Angelica Schuyler, Quiet Uptown

For anyone who has dealt with loss of any kind, this lyric is relatable. This simple line perfectly describes how someone feels when they are going through such a tough time. It touches your heart.

16. “They are standing in the garden, Alexander by Eliza’s side. She takes his hand. It’s quiet uptown. Forgiveness. Can you imagine?”- Angelic Schuyler, Quiet Uptown

I love this lyric because it is simple and yet conveys such a deep meaning. In this situation, a simple action and word is used to demonstrate forgiveness. It is not an elaborate rap, it is one word, forgiveness. Everytime I listen to this line, I never fail to tear up because it so so beautifully sung and is powerful.

17. “You forfeit all rights to my heart, You forfeit the place in our bed. You sleep in your office instead, With only the memories of when you were mine, I hope that you burn”- Eliza Hamilton, Burn

After the everything Eliza had been through, this lyric perfectly presents her emotions for Hamilton in the Second Act. Throughout the song, Eliza's emotions develop and become more passionate and painful. How a song can project a person's powerful feelings and make the listener feel the emotions.

18. “Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see”- Alexander Hamilton, The World Was Wide Enough

The simplicity of this line is so compelling and beautiful. This is one of the many references to a person's legacy living on past their time and this is an example of how symbolic the lyrics are in Hamilton.

19. “Teach me how to say goodbye”- Alexander Hamilton, The World Was Wide Enough

This just rips my heart out because throughout the entire musical you see Hamilton loose things he treasures. We see he dealing with difficult situations where he has had to deal with loss and grief. In this moment he is accepting his fate. This one sentence is able to convey his feelings throughout the entire musical.

20. “But when you’re gone, who remembers your name? Who keeps your flame?”- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

It is a powerful lyric that makes you reflect back on what you have accomplished so far. You never know who you will impact or pass your story on.

If you have not listened to the entire album yet, I would highly recommend it. The soundtrack tells the story of America's founding father in a beautiful new light in a story that emphasizes passion, strength, love, and dedication through detailed lyrics. Just a warning, once you start listening to one song you will be listening Non Stop!

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