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Arrival was a shocking movie. I won't say too much but there will be some small spoilers but I won't spoil too much for you all and then I will do a complete review in a month when more people have seen it.

At the beginning I was thinking, "Ok, she became a teacher after someone died." but that will come to you towards the end of the movie and you figure out what the very beginning was all about. She is a teacher though and she is a language expert from animals to other languages from humans. Obviously, this is an alien movie so I was expecting tiny aliens but instead you get huge friendly aliens. What I love most about Louise is that she wanted to treat this the right way and to understand them more than to come out with questions so she taught them the English language but they write with smoke so they would understand what an English word means and then respond in their language. Their language is not sound, it's symbols. So, Louise and Ian both learned the alien's language as well so the four of them (two aliens and Louise and Ian) could talk to each other. You also learn, which is true, when you start learning a language it comes naturally to you and you start to understand it more and more fluently which is what Louise did. I won't say much more about it but I recommend this movie so please go see it! IT'S OUT NOW!

Rate: 10/10

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