Review: The Benefits Of A 100% Silk Pillowcase
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This 100% Silk Pillowcase Just Made My Sweet Hair And Skin Dreams Come True

It transformed my bedroom vibes.

This 100% Silk Pillowcase Just Made My Sweet Hair And Skin Dreams Come True

- Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has been claimed by dermatologists to stop frizz, improve skin texture, and even prevent wrinkles.

- Using the More Sunday 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase preserved the at-home blowouts I give myself, preventing the need to redo my hair or apply heat to it every day.

- The silk pillowcase kept my skin hydrated overnight, and I woke up with softer, more supple skin than when I slept on a standard cotton pillowcase.

- More Sunday's silk pillowcase changed my hair and skin for the better, but it's not a miracle worker on its own — it's a great way to enhance a good skin and haircare regimen.

I've been seeing silk pillowcases on the beauty market for years, but never really bought into the hype. They seemed like an unnecessary luxury, and buying low-quality silk-like pillowcases didn't feel right.

I had heard miracles about how a silk pillowcase could totally transform your hair and prevent acne. To be honest, it all sounded too good to be true, and to a certain extent, it is.

After being sent the More Sunday 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase a few months ago, I tested it out nearly every night with a couple of gaps in between to see if I could really notice a difference.

Though the results weren't dramatic, the decrease and frizz and increase in hydration were noticeable enough for me to feel replacing all my pillowcases would have a positive long-term effect on my hair and skin.

More Sunday

How Important 100% Silk Actually Is

There are hundreds of low-cost options under $10 you could purchase on Amazon, and if you're really just looking for something for show or for the side of the bed you don't use, I definitely recommend moving forward with that budget alternative.

I, like many others, first gawked at a $55 price tag on a pillowcase. But, I figured I will be using it every single day for about 8 hours.

By opting for 100% silk, the fabric is manufactured to be as smooth as possible — that's where the positive impact on your hair and skin comes from. The smooth fabric ensures your hair isn't rubbing up against any rough surfaces — that's what can cause you to wake up with frizzy bedhead.

The 100% silk also makes sure that any inferior fabrics don't soak up any of the skincare products you put on your face before bed, whisking them off your face and negating any impact they could have had on your face. If you have dry skin, this is especially important to note.

How It Changed My Skin

I have combination skin that tends to get dry in the colder months and oily in the warmer months. Regardless, I keep my nighttime routine extremely hydrating year-round. I noticed almost immediately that my skin was more supple in the morning after I used this for the first time.

I thought that might be because of the new face oil I was using at night, but I noticed a difference with all of the new skincare I was trying out. No matter what skincare I was using, even if they were old favorites of mine, I felt them working more effectively when it came to hydration.

As someone who takes their nighttime skincare routine very seriously, this was a huge bonus to me. Nighttime is when most of us use our highly-effective vitamin C and retinol products that work better while we're asleep and out of sunlight, so if you want to maximize the benefits, sleeping on one of More Sunday's 100% Mulberry pillowcases is an absolute must.

How It Changed My Hair

I don't have particularly frizzy hair, so I didn't notice a dramatic difference in my hair while using a silk pillowcase. What I did notice was that the days I decided to style my hair with a heat tool or blowout, sleeping on a silk pillowcase preserved my style for the most part. That's a huge bonus for me for the time it's saved me in having to redo my hair or apply excess heat to it.

Clearly, a standard cotton pillowcase is more aggressive on our strands than a smooth silk one would be. This was one of the main reasons I decided I'll probably never go back to regular pillowcases again because I could see the silk having a much more positive long-term effect on my hair health.

More Sunday


If you're like me and enjoy having four (or more) pillows on your bed, More Sunday's 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases can get pricey, but you're investing in something you truly use every single night for several hours.

If long-term skin and hair health are something you're really interested in investing in, this is a one-time purchase you can put your faith in for the quality.

You might not see these being a fit for yourself, but the luxurious pillowcases make an incredible gift anyone would love to have as a luxurious bedroom upgrade this holiday season. They're available in Toddler, Standard, and King Sizes in three luxurious colors: silver, blush pink, and white, so there's a fit for everyone.

Buy More Sunday's 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases on their website for $55.

Have you ever tried a silk pillowcase?

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