I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, as I usually do when I'm bored and every other social media outlet is dry, and I came across a particular article that caught my attention. I'm sure most of you have seen this article as well given it has over 130,000 shares on it. The article is titled, "Why A Young Woman Like Me Won't Be Supporting Hillary", and I clicked on it out of pure curiosity. However, once I began reading I could not, despite my best efforts, stifle the laugh that began rising out of my chest. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a Hillary Clinton supporter, and it has nothing to do with my political beliefs--this article is the most ignorant piece of writing I've ever seen, not to mention many of the points are based off of lies. Therefore, I felt compelled to come out with a response to the author of "Why A Young Woman Like Me Won't Be Supporting Hillary," so that all 130,000 individuals who shared it realize how immature, and wrong it is.

Here's the link so you can keep up with what I'm saying in response.

Introduction. Well, normally I'd start with the first point but the introduction is just as pitiful as the rest. What do you mean it's not your job to decide who is the more qualified candidate? If you are of age, and registered to vote, it actually is you job to decide that. You are given the right to vote for our next president of the United States, of course it is your duty to decide who you think is the most qualified. Also, neither candidate is qualified for this position? Hillary Clinton has already been in the white house as First Lady, she has served as our nation's Secretary of State, and has served in the Senate. Saying she is unqualified is completely wrong, as she is one of the most qualified candidates we've ever seen. Donald Trump on the other hand, you're right, he's not very qualified at all.

1. I'm not sure how women obtaining the right to vote relates to this topic at all, but that's besides the point. To claim that women voting for Hillary are doing so because they too have a vagina is the most uneducated and ignorant claim you could possibly make. Out of everyone I know who is voting for her, I have not heard a single reason of "because she's a woman". Her gender has nothing to do with her qualifications for presidency, so the fact that you are assuming so makes it seem like you're not voting for her out of spite of her gender. I mean, Carly Fiorina had a vagina too and I wasn't going to throw my vote at her just because she's a woman--I wasn't voting for her because of her political beliefs.

2. Are we even looking at the same two candidates right now?!? You won't support Hillary because "how could I as a woman support another after what all she has lied about?" Ummmmmm, so you're going to vote for a man who has lied 150+ times more than Hillary, because why? He's not a woman? Donald Trump is a pathological liar, and when it comes to fact checking nearly 80% of the claims out of his mouths are lies. Also, I hope you've never told a lie because if so you're entire point here is ruined. We were all raised to tell the truth, but of course we are not always as honest as we should be. Hillary and Donald are both humans, they've both lied, but refusing to vote for Hillary because she's a woman who has lied is as sexist as you could possibly get, especially if you're voting for Trump.

3. I would say this is a just, political point, except for the fact that it is simply not true. You're quoting Donald Trump (who, again, lies pathologically) when he said that Hillary Clinton accepts money from countries who oppress women for her campaign. The truth is, The Clinton Foundation accepted money from Saudi Arabia, but not while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State. While this country does oppress women, the Clinton Foundation does not take this money and run, it puts the money back in to countries to help girls and women succeed. Hillary never once accepted money from these countries, especially not to help her presidential campaign. The Clinton Foundation is an amazing cause that helps thousands of women and children worldwide, so holding it against Hillary for donations the foundations accepts is ridiculous. Donald Trump has made a hefty donation to the foundation before too, so if this is really one of your reasons not to vote for Hillary you better not vote for him either.

4. This point just baffles me, to be completely honest. Her husband's actions are not reflective of Hillary whatsoever. And refusing to vote for someone who's stayed with the person who cheated on them is an unjust, and ignorant decision. I'm sure you know a few friends who have been cheated on that stayed with their significant other too, so do you just refuse to be their friend because of it? No. Their and Hillary's personal decisions have nothing to do with the type of people they are, or the things they stand for. Yes, Hillary is a feminist who fights for equality in our country and across the world. Did you see the key word there? Equality. Feminism is about women having equal rights and opportunities as men, not about whether or not you should take back a cheater. Hillary's decision to stay with Bill was a personal one, unrelated to politics entirely. Also, if you're not voting for Hillary because her husband cheated on her you better not be voting for Donald either. Donald Trump has been known to cheat on his wives before, and dare we even discuss the tapes that recently came out? Donald Trump says to grab women by their p*ssies, and that they'll let you do it when you're famous, but you're not going to hold that against him because he's a man, right? If you ask me, Hillary is strong for standing by her husband's side through it all, and while I personally don't agree with it, it has nothing to do with her over-qualifications for presidency.

5. I must admit, this was the most political claim you make, unfortunately, you failed to provide any support, explanation, or evidence for it. Yes, a lot of corporations support Hillary, but arguing they do so because she will protect them is not a proven fact. It's a theory of yours, so make sure you report it as one. Your argument that she will increase health care to prevent pharmaceutical companies from losing money seems wrong to me, I think Hillary genuinely cares about the well-being of our citizens and would increase health care so that everyone has affordable access to medical attention. Also, under Hillary's proposed plan American jobs will increase much more than they would under Trump's, and you should know by now that Trump's tax cuts are to help out the wealthy like him. For a second I thought this point would be a good one, but once again it is an unprepared and ignorant as every other one. You are ignoring important information and statistics to prove the legitimacy of your claims, and it ruins the credibility of your entire article.

Closing. I guarantee none of your friends or acquaintances are voting for Hillary for the sole reason that she is a woman, but rather for her ideological and political beliefs instead. Honestly, it sounds like you aren't voting for Hillary because she is a woman, considering all of your claims are either ignorant, or completely unrelated her political career at all. You said, "I could never vote for someone to lead this country who fakes what she believes in and stands by those who have degraded her in front of the whole nation without batting an eye". I see where you're coming from as Hillary has changed her stance on a few topics throughout her political career, however, have you not done so as well? I know I have. Also, Donald Trump was a registered Democrat up until 10 years ago, so if you want to refuse to vote for someone who 'fakes what they believe in' your attention should be on him instead. Lastly, the fact that one of your main reason for not voting for her is because she stands by those who have degraded her is flat out hilarious to me. She stayed with an unfaithful husband, which like I said before, has nothing to do with her presidential qualifications. I hope you're refusing to stand by Trump too then because he doesn't stand by those who have degraded him, he is the degrader. He degrades women everyday on their appearances, weight, life choices, you name it, Trump has criticized it.

I respect your decision not to vote for Hillary, but not if it is for these 'reasons' as you like to call them. We all have the right to our own opinion, and the right to vote for who we'd like, so I don't expect everyone to stand by Hillary like I do. I hope you take the criticism constructively, and rethink your entire thought process when it comes to this election. Even more so, I hope you aren't voting in this presidential race at all because it would be extremely hypocritical to vote for Trump after criticizing Hillary for these things. To everyone who shared and read her article, vote for the candidate that you truly believe will be the best chance our country has. Vote for the candidate that your beliefs align closest with, and make sure you are educated enough on the political aspects of this race before casting a vote. It's the next four years we're talking about here, and this is the upmost important job any American could have, your vote is important.