A Response To 'Stop Whoring Out Your Undiagnosed Mental Illness'

A Response To 'Stop Whoring Out Your Undiagnosed Mental Illness'

How about YOU stop being the reason people are afraid to talk about their struggles?

The Daily Mind

Miss Hannah,

I just recently read your article, 'Stop Whoring Out Your Undiagnosed Mental Illness' and I found myself feeling, frustrated.

First off,

How do you know the people saying these things haven't seen a doctor and gotten a "proper diagnosis"?

If people choose to use their Facebook as their outlet to talk about a particularly anxiety filled day they've had, then let them. You claim they've made lives harder, but really, you're the one making lives harder. You are the reason there is such a stigma attached to mental illness. No one is wearing it as a badge of honor. Maybe they're just finally at a point where they can openly talk about the battle they're fighting within... every.. single.. day..

If it bothers you so much, don't read it!

You're making lives harder by claiming people are "whoring out their mental illness".

Your condescending article hit viral status. The more times your article is shared, those truly suffering mentally will continue to struggle to share their story. For fear of people like you.

For fear that people will judge them for how they're feeling. Facebook is really an online diary. You can write whatever your heart desires on your page. And guess what, when you're reading someone else's public diary, you're choosing to do so. You don't have to read these posts you claim people are turning mental illness into a, "basic b*tch hashtag".

Who are you to judge the people using their social media or writing as their coping strategy? Or those who write articles on their own experiences and battles they're fighting mentally. I personally wrote my first ever blog post about battling post part-um depression and anxiety. Yes, it was diagnosed. Since that seems to be your only requirement for validating a mental illness.

I wrote the article because it was something I am currently struggling with, and I had finally gotten to the point where I was comfortable talking about it. It's not easy to talk about depression, anxiety or any mental illness for that matter. But I finally reached a point where I was comfortable talking about it. I wanted to do my part and put the some of my story out there for other mom's who may be struggling with the same thing.

Sometimes people just like to know that they're not alone.

Maybe they need a,

"Hey, I've been through what you're going through and I'm here if you ever need an ear to listen!"

Not a,

"Stop whoring out your un-diagnosed mental illness"

Look, it's not easy to talk about feelings in general on social media, because of people like you. People who seek to shut down others to make themselves feel better. So what if someone talks about suffering from anxiety? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to diagnose anxiety.

And good for you if you have the worlds greatest doctors.

For some people? It isn't that easy. It takes multiple different doctors before you find one willing to listen and truly understand you.

Same thing goes with counselors.

The more doctors and counselors you have to go through before you find the right one, the more isolated you begin to feel. You begin to wonder if you're ever going to reach that light at the end of the tunnel.

You begin to wonder if you will be happy again.

Next time you start writing something, stop and think, "am I being the basic b*tch I'm accusing others of being right now?" You were in this article.

You're being that judgemental, basic b*tch mean girl, Regina George wanna-be and telling people they have no right to feel what they feel.

That they're making lives worse for feeling comfortable writing about their struggles. That they're making lives worse for being in-tune enough and comfortable enough with their emotions to talk about it.

It's not them that's the problem, Hannah.

It's you.

So please, stop bullying people. Stop judging. Stop acting like you decide who is, "mentally ill" and who's not.

Lift others up.

Don't be the reason they're too afraid to be honest about their feelings and their struggles.

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