A Response To Ignorance: #daywithoutimmigrants
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A Response To Ignorance: #daywithoutimmigrants

Be grateful for everything you have. And then learn to help those who weren't as fortunate as you.

A Response To Ignorance: #daywithoutimmigrants

The other day, I saw this Facebook status under #AdayWithoutImmigrants.

It took every bone in my body to not comment on this woman's post. As much as I wanted to, I would have either been ignored, deleted, blocked or ridiculed.

But I can't just stay silent and not say anything because the lack of awareness and education is appalling.The worst part is, there are so many people that agree with her and share her same views.

I won't criticize her or make assumptions because I don't really know this woman, but what a person posts on social media shows a lot about their character and I did not get a positive vibe from this person.

First of all, the grammar was unbearable. I could not even take her serious after struggling to read it. I did the best I could to fix it, but there are just entire syntax issues. Please, at least use punctuation.

I know that the ban has been blocked by the federal judges, but that means nothing; absolutely nothing. Trump is still pushing for the ban. He even stated he is gonna attempt to implement a new one and that is freaking scary.

Furthermore, the real people who don't understand the immigration ban are people who think like this. The ban is not just towards people who are undocumented but also towards those who were granted visas and green cards to live in America.

The ban is not to keep "murderers, killers and child molesters" out, because if that is what you are scared of, I am sure you would like to know that we have "a variety of scumbags" right here in America. But that is not what this is really about, right?

This ban is 100% based on religious discrimination and racism. It is based on denying entry to Muslims, but choosing to allow Christians in.

It is a ban that is only for a few of the many countries in this world. Which is not fair. It is not right. Contrary to what this woman says, anyone who supports Trump is against immigrants. If you voted for Trump, you voted for the useless, expensive wall along the southern border, you voted for the Muslim Ban, you voted because you ARE against any person who does not fall under the categories of straight, white and christian. That being said, there are people who are straight, white and christian and do NOT support Trump too.

But also, it takes several months to decades to get approved for a green card. To even get a non-immigrant visa, it can still take several months to obtain. But the thing is even with that wait, not everyone is granted citizenship or a visa. So you can't "just immigrate here." For some people, the need to move here is urgent; it is about the well-being and happiness for their family, the opportunities, the refuge from scary conditions; it is a matter of life or death. If you care so much about the individuals who might be hurt by the people who just "walk in and out of our country", you might not be aware of the violence and the cruelty that is happening on our very own planet, where the fear is not just a fear: it is a reality.

Be grateful that you don't have to understand the pain. Be grateful that you were born here. Be grateful for everything you have. And then learn to help those who weren't as fortunate as you.

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