New Year's Resolutions That DON'T Involve Dieting

New Year's Resolutions That DON'T Involve Dieting

It’s never to late to start a new resolution. How about a diet you try this.


You don't have to diet to be happy this new year. Counting calories everytime you eat can lead to you on a scale crying because you are not at your goal weight yet. Here are some small things you can do that don't involve tears.

1. Try New Foods

Being a picky eater you know what you like and what you don't like, but in 2019, push yourself to try as many new things you can. From foreign foods to a weird fruit that may even look like a star. You don't have to like it but you never know you may find your new favorite thing.

2. Travel More

Traveling can be very blissful whether it is by yourself or with others. Traveling abroad or locally, or even out of state. It can be so relaxing to get out of your surroundings and seeing something new. Try Disney World or a trip to Canada, or if you are really bold jump on a plane and go to Paris, London, or Rome. Anywhere your heart wants to go!

3. Learn To Love Yourself

I have always been told you can't love anyone until you learn to love yourself. Take care of yourself and just learn to listen to what your body wants. I'm not saying to masturbate but if that helps to do, it is not something to be ashamed of! What I am talking about it being able to wake up and be like "You look great," or "Just have a positive view on yourself don't let the negative things get in the way.

4. Learn A New Language 

French, Spanish, Sign Language are all great languages but all languages are beautiful. It may be hard but even a few simple sentences can impress anyone. I will be the first to admit Spanish is hard, but also very nice to have this day of age. Although I may not be the best at speaking Spanish or French, I can read about most of it. Sign Language is a great skill to have, although you do not speak and it's all done by hand you never know who you will be able to help with this skill, and knowing you may have been the only one around who understood.

5. Read A Book

Making time to read can seem impossible with work and school and life, but this year try to make room. Find a new book or relive an old favorite. Get out of your word and enter a whole new universe. Go to the library and search through thousands of books and you might just find your next favorite book.

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It’s Time To Stop Letting Victoria’s Secret Define What Is Beautiful

Glorifying and commodifying a specific type of body on a large-scale is damaging to women everywhere.


Victoria's Secret is a retailer that thrives off of exclusion and maintains notions of beauty and attractiveness that are no longer as welcomed in the 21st century.

Frankly, capitalism will likely wipe out the brand when people stop buying their lingerie due to lack of support for the company.

That's the beauty of capitalism.

In fact, VS stock, which is now down 40% indicates that this type of change is coming to the lingerie marketplace, where women now value companies that promote bodily diversity and don't shame certain kinds of bodies for not adhering to the beauty standard set by Victoria's Secret.

While Victoria's Secret has increased its diversity throughout the years regarding ethnic backgrounds, the body type represented in the brand is incredibly homogenous.

The models in the show are all runway models outside of the Victoria's Secret show, meaning that they adhere to standard agency requirements. These requirements dictate a female model be at least 5'8 in height, and while weight is not often specified, models are usually between 105-120 pounds.

Any brief exploration into the models on the site will show that their measurements are around 31-34 inches in the bust, with a 22-26 inch waist and 34-36 inch hips. These measurements correspond to sizes 0-2, which are often used as sample sizes for the runway.

This article is not meant to attack their signature model, "Angels." They are beautiful women who fit the needs of the fashion industry they earn a living in. However, they are not the ONLY type of beautiful women to exist.

Further, this article is not meant to denigrate naturally thin individuals. I am a size 0 myself, so many people consider me a "thin" individual.

People might fail to understand why I disapprove of Victoria's Secret as a brand. After all, they cater to individuals with my body type, so what is there for me to complain about?

I don't fit their height requirement, meaning that I could never be one of their esteemed Angels. And you could ask yourself, "so why does that matter?"

The vast majority of women in the United States could never come close to achieving the bodily standards observed in Victoria's Angels that the brand emphasizes.

And which it's important for companies to cater to individual markets to ensure corporate diversity, Victoria's Secret remains a lingerie giant and has a massive ability in dictating national standards of beauty.

They also sell sizes beyond the XS or S displayed in the fashion show, yet fail to include bodies in the show that would fit their M, L, or XL sizes they sell in stores.

The problem with influence and lack representation coupled with their marketing strategy dictates to women that the Angel is the pinnacle of beauty. Therefore by wearing their lingerie, you get to supposedly feel like an Angel in the Victoria's Secret fantasy.

And yet, you don't.


Because even if you get sucked into their marketing scheme and buy their bras and underwear expecting to feel better about yourself, if you're not absolutely secure and completely love with your body already, you'll just recognize that you will never fit the Angel standard that you feel is expected of you to be considered beautiful.

And that when you look in the mirror, you not looking like an Angel makes you feel like a fraud.

Victoria's Secret further utilizes the term "sexy" often, meaning that wearing their lingerie is supposed to make you attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.

So not only is their brand about idealizing specific types of bodies but commodifying these particular bodies as objects of prime attractiveness to the opposite sex.

There is a consequence of presenting one body type as the most beautiful and categorizing it as incredibly sexy. For women, they risk feeling that a guy seeing them in lingerie will think of them as unattractive since they don't adhere to the epitomized beauty standard so endlessly praised in the media.

Victoria's Secret emphasizes that their show is a "fantasy." This notion of a fantasy can imply that it's not real. However, we as consumers know those models are still real people. And even if they're bronzed, made-up and thrust out onto the runway in perfect lighting, the bodies walking that runway wouldn't be there if Victoria's Secret didn't already consider them perfect before the show.

Further, Ed Razek, the Chief Marketing Officer of Creative Services of L Brands (the company that owns Victoria's Secret) responded to a question concerning bodily diversity in this manner:

"We attempted to do a television special for plus sizes (in 2000). No one had any interest in it, still don't,"

His quote is prime evidence that the minds behind Victoria's Secret do not consider bodies outside their norms interesting, nor beautiful enough to be in the spotlight.

In the eyes of Victoria's Secret, we women who don't fit the Angel model are not valued. We are not, and never will be, as attractive or as sexy since we are not, and cannot become, Angels.

To them, we are just women who chase their notions of beauty and sexiness to try and fulfill our desires to feel that way about ourselves. We remain consumers thinking that someday, maybe we will get close to or achieve that ideal and that wearing their lingerie is somehow a way to get there.

And since the vast majority of women in the United States feel insecure about their bodies, Victoria's Secret capitalizes on women's insecurities.

Brands such as ThirdLove and Savage X Fenty have made efforts to turn lingerie from devices of body standards and external validation to objects worn by women of all backgrounds for support, self-confidence, and comfortability. They've also worked to move the notion of sexiness away from something determined by the opposite sex to instead a feeling one experiences from empowering their own female sexuality.

All in all, you get to decide what companies you support, where to put your money and who you think makes the nicest lingerie.

I, along with many other women, have decided I don't want to spend my money at Victoria's Secret anymore. I've been on too long of a journey of bodily hate and self-destruction, and I feel that it is time for me to move on and surround myself in a social movement that doesn't make me feel less of a woman.

Maybe one day, Victoria's Secret will do someone to cater to the millions of women upturning their noses at their company. And if not, they may have to settle as a smaller, specialty retailer that emphasizes clothing for smaller women.

Regardless, a change in marketing could benefit their sales and stock.

Otherwise, a lot of us women are going to go elsewhere and work to redefine what it means to be beautiful.

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A Quartet Of 100-Calorie Foods That Are Both Tasty And Healthy

Low calorie doesn't mean low quality.


If you're cutting back on calories, snacking can be your worst nightmare. Unless you're the kind of person who walks around happily munching on veggies all the time, it's so easy for a snack to push you over your daily calorie limit. But fear not! You can snack on tasty food and STILL watch your calories. Check out these four low-calorie foods for some snack-spiration.

1. Cookies and milk

The original Oreo has 53 calories per cookie. This means that 2 Oreos paired with a glass of unsweetened almond milk (30 calories per cup) is only 133 calories. The sugar from the Oreos will give you a little energy boost to keep you going until your next meal and the almond milk will help keep you full. That and nothing beats the classic combo of cookies and milk.

2. Ice cream

Halo top is my go-to low-calorie ice cream. You can eat about half a pint for a little over 100 calories. This ice cream will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but the protein in it will definitely keep you full and focused until your next meal.

3. Kettle corn

Boom Chicka Pop popcorn is so good and most of their popcorn is way under a 100 calories per cup (the original flavor is only 35 calories per cup). Sometimes the air-popped, unseasoned popcorn tastes like cardboard to me so I love that this brand is low calorie but still has a satisfying taste to it.

4. Fries

I have been obsessed lately with making my own fries and it's so simple and easy to do. All you do is slice up a medium potato into wedges and soak them in cold water for a bit (to get rid of some of the starch), spray the wedges with some of that 0 calorie olive spray, add a few seasonings, stick 'em in the oven for 15-30 minutes and BAM. You now have your very own homemade fries for only about 160 calories.

* * *

Watching your calories doesn't mean you have to give up tasty food. Life's short enough as it is, so never miss an opportunity to enjoy yourself, especially with food.

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