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Everyone's allowed to grief, but never fall too deep into depression.


Sometimes life feels like so many twists and turns, but not in the direction you would like them to be. For those of you who feel like every day there is a struggle, just remember each day gets better eventually. I want to relate to those of you who are in a constant conflict with yourself, those of you who always find yourself trapped in your own mind or thinking about if the "what if’s" could’ve been and should’ve been. I think the way situations work themselves out is always for a reason. It may be hard to believe it, but I think it's true. Eventually you will find your path. Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel as if life isn’t fair, and as if things happen for no reason. But what even is a real reason? Currently I have been in a situation which has been ongoing for some time. It breaks my heart to speak about it, and on my occasions has brought me to tears. For the past year or so I have been in a continual depression, which I finally got out of and am happier than ever now, but still not exactly perfect. What is perfect anyways? I never spoke about it and the only people who really knew the extent of it were close family members and they didn’t even know everything.

Well, during the year I was depressed I had so many terrible instances going on at once. I felt like my world was collapsing, that no-one could understand, and that no-one cared about or loved me. For those of you who have not dealt with depression here is a glimpse of some of the things I went through:

Everyday felt like a drag. It was almost as if I was breathing, but wasn’t really living. I wouldn’t want to leave my room, and if I did I kept to myself, faked a smile or did the opposite and had an attitude in defense of keeping myself from breaking down and crying. This was completely not me, but I felt so stuck. Feeling stuck is probably one of the worst feelings anyone can ever have. People who knew me, knew I wasn’t like that. I loved going out, being loud, smiling and enjoying every second of life I get to live. By the way, this is just a minor extent of what depression can do to someone. I just wanted to personally make a statement to let all of you who are going through this know that life can be so much worse. You should feel blessed for the things you have and take every problem and flip it into something positive. Everyone goes through a struggle and although it is tough sometimes, you are strong enough to get out of it. If this world was only full of people who could not move on, this planet would be pretty depressing. Eventually, over time, I was lucky enough to pull myself together and find people, places and hobbies that miraciously let me shine, be happier than ever and realize how amazing life really is.

As a tip for those of you who need help I signed up for this amazing app called Shine texts. Every morning, Monday through Friday I get a reminder, or a quote helping me start-off the day positively. Not many people know this, but sometimes it’s what helps me keep going when I don’t want to.

Now I am far better than I was before, and for that I am very grateful. Through my experience I have been able to realize not to shut people out, not to let good opportunities pass me by, to figure out who really cares about me as much as they say, and lastly how precious life is. Whether you have been in a similar situation like mine or stuck in any form of depression, all I want to say is don’t feel like you have to deal with it alone. Don't block out people who care about you, and don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. The way things play out are for a reason. It does no good at thinking about the "what if’s" in life. Moving on is the best option in any situation! You can grieve, but never slip and fall into a dark place you can’t get out of. It just ins’t worth it. Being trapped inside your negative thoughts and negative ideas is not a good way to navigate through life, and you will realize eventually the only person who can ultimately steer your life is you! When you learn to be happier, you attract happier people, get put in better situations and your life can be altered and become better than ever imagined in the blink of an eye.

This example I have given you, may be personal and far-fetched to some of you, but I hope it makes a point. I hope it helps for the few of you struggling to realize what you feel is not the end, but a beginning. No matter what type of situation it is, whether the result is bad or good, it opens up another path for you to go down and even another lesson to be learned.

Remember that.

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