Millennials, Why Are Micro Dermal Engagement Rings A Thing?
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Millennials, Why Are Micro Dermal Engagement Rings A Thing?

If in the end the engagement fails, the ring won’t leave a permanent scar on your finger.

Millennials, Why Are Micro Dermal Engagement Rings A Thing?

What is the first thing you ask someone when he or she gets engaged?

“Can I see the ring????”

We all want to see the big rock, or even the small rock that now holds such a special place in your heart. A circle that will completely change the way you look at your ring finger and your significant other.

Well, welcome to the generation where you will no longer see a ring, rather you will see a micro dermal piercing on their ring finger.

What the hell is a micro dermal piercing, you may ask? Well, in simple terms it is basically a stud on the surface of your skin. It is not an average piercing in which there are two visible parts – the front end and the back end. With a micro dermal piercing, the back end, or the piece that holds the stud in place, is beneath the surface of the skin. I by no means am knocking the idea down, at one point I thought these forms of piercings looked really badass. However, the idea of using a micro dermal piercing as a form of an engagement ring is beyond me.

This idea that millennials are “woke” and into trying and introducing differing things is awesome, change is good and even necessary but so many already do not want to get married, which of course is a personal preference but throwing out and completely disregarding the sentimental value of an actual engagement ring has got to be the saddest thing I’ve witnessed thus far.

Imagine your significant other getting down on one knee to propose to you and when he opens the box instead of seeing a ring, you see a tiny stud – “This belonged to my mother, and I would be honored if you wore it, as she did.”

First of all my love, I wouldn’t insert something into my skin that has already been in someone else’s, but that’s a wonderful gesture. Maybe that sounds completely rude but come on guys, the sentimentality of the engagement is being thrown out the window. Not to mention the physical pain one would have to endure.

Engagement rings have a beautiful meaning, aside from being a symbol of devotion, love, and fidelity, the very shape of a circle holds meaning. According to, “circles have no beginning and no end, thus representing eternity, renewal, wholeness, and perfection.”

Women wear these engagement rings as a symbol of commitment to their significant other, as a symbol of pride, showing the world – or nearest bystander – that “I am taken, I have someone whom my heart and everything else that comes with it, belongs to.”

Why do we have to go and throw that way for a piercing that could:

1. Be very painful

2. Leave scarring

3. Possibly be rejected by your skin


4. Can get ripped out by accident.

The worst thing that could possibly happen with an actual ring is you losing it – or misplacing it.

Let's fight this new trend and keep the beautiful engagement rings. If in the end the engagement fails, the ring won’t leave a permanent scar on your finger.

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