Remembering Disney Channel Original Movies

Remembering Disney Channel Original Movies

Only the classics, of course...

As many of us know, Every Disney Channel Original Movie is coming back in May for a wonderful marathon that will satisfy all of our 90s kid dreams. Here are some of my favorites that you may have forgotten (or maybe they're your favorites, too).

1. Halloweentown

You're lying if you said you never wanted to hop on a magical bus and head to Halloweentown with Marnie and the rest of the Cromwell clan. This movie was a classic any time of the year and was followed by three sequels. And as Marnie grew up and headed to college, so did we!

2. Zenon

If only things were really like this in the 21st century! I'd have no problem hanging out with Zenon and the rest of her gang on the Nebula Wade. After watching this movie, Proto Zoa had us singing "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" and seriously wanting to make it into space. The Zequel and Z3 had us just as excited too!

3. Smart House

I know we all wanted Ben Cooper's computerized mansion with its cool gadgets and awesome party favors (without the overbearing house mother that decides to take over). Scenes to look for? The epic dance scene to "Slam Dunk" among others.

4. The Thirteenth Year

I wanted so badly to be somehow related to mermaids after this movie. And no surprise, when my thirteenth birthday did come I did not miraculously sprout gills and fins. Also pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart is in one scene!

5. The Luck of the Irish

Unlike the Thirteenth Year, I did not want to be as unlucky as Kyle and his family of leprechauns. But watching him get close to his family and duke it out with *Carlton Lassiter from the TV show Psych in leprechaun form* is pretty funny.

6. Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

And I wonder why we're not so hesitant to try Tinder and other dating sites after watching Adam's mom be kidnapped by a vampire on her blind date. What's worse than getting the blood sucked out of you on a date? Not much, I tell you.

7. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

EMDCO is not as well known of a Disney Channel Original Movie but Bobby Flay is one of the characters (as himself) and there's some pretty cool cooking scenes. I'm Italian, so food in movies is a plus.

8. Cadet Kelly

Hillary Duff gets sent to boot camp school and Kim Possible (edit: the voice of KP) makes her life a living hell. That is, until they become best friends and perform a cool but unrealistic drill routine to "One Girl Revolution"). Definitely entertaining!

9. Get A Clue

Lindsay Lohan takes on the role of kid-spy when her teacher goes missing. The only reason I included this one on the list because it gave me unrealistic expectations that I could become a spy and there's some pretty cool gadgets.

10. The Even Stevens Movie

Because this is actually a really entertaining movie, it's Shia LaBeouf in his prime, and Kim Possible is a main character AGAIN. It's comedic Survivor in an hour and a half. Enjoy.

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11 Things You Understand If You Hate Physical Contact

Please keep your hands and feet away from me at all times.

We currently live in a world where EVERYONE LIKES TO TOUCH EACH OTHER. People enjoy hugs, high fives, tapping others on the shoulder, pokes, ect. For someone like you and me (I'm assuming you too since you clicked on this article), this is the WORST thing in the world. Whenever I think of someone touching me (even just a poke) without my permission my reaction is like Sofia Vergara in Modern Family.

I mean, when I take that love languages quiz, physical touch is always on the bottom of my preferences. So I thought to my self, you know I can't be the only person in the world that hates physical touching. So here are 11 things every person who hates physical touch will understand:

1. When people tickle you

I don't care that it's just for fun and jokes; I'm not laughing because I want to, you are literally forcing me to laugh. I hate you, get your greasy hands off of me before I make you get them off of me.

2. When people think they need to tap your shoulder to get your attention

As if simply saying "Hey" followed by my name wasn't enough. I don't need your grubby little fingers touching me. Now I'm annoyed with you before this conversation even started, what do you want?

3. When someone you barely know reaches in for a hug

I don't know who the heck you're thinking you're about to hug because it sure isn't going to be me. Hugs are reserved for people I know well and like, not you. Okay release me now, I am not enjoying this. LET ME GO.

4. When people tell you that you aren't an affectionate person

Are you aware there are ways to show my affection without constantly being all over you like a koala bear? Yes, I'm affectionate, hop off.

5. When someone is in your personal space

We could be best friends, we could be complete strangers. We could be lovers, I could hate your guts. We could be in private, we could be in public. I don't care what the situation is, if you're in my personal space uninvited GET OUT. There is no reason to be so close to me unwarranted.

6. You don't know how to comfort people

When you see an upset loved one, most people think they you should comfort then by pulling them into a long lasting hug. But, that's the kind of things that your nightmares are literally made out of. So, you stand there confused how you should comfort your friend/relative while also not sacrificing your touch moral code.

7. When people say you "look like you could use a hug"

Um no. I never could use one, get off of me. I will let you know when I want one.

8. When you're hugging someone wondering how soon you can release

Please end my suffering.

9. When you arrive at a social gathering and people rush to greet you with hugs

Let's not.

10. When you try to leave a social gathering by just waving to get out of goodbye hugs

Please no one make me hug you.

11. That one person who is allowed to hug you/touch you

This person, typically a significant other or best friend, gets to break all the "no touch" rules and we gladly accept their hugs and cuddles and public displays of affection. But only them, no one can copy them.

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Why I Am Not A Black Friday Shopper

You either do it every year or you don't do it at all.


Thanksgiving is quickly is approaching and I can already smell all of the delicious food. Though the dreaded day after where you have to suit up in your battle armor to charge into the giant crowds is something I'd prefer not to do. Black Friday is one of those days during the year where you either do it every year like a tradition or you don't do it. I'm one of those people who wouldn't do it because I like to be safe and I don't feel like risking it for some okay sales that I'd have to fight for.

1. People are crazy.

Some people are just crazy when it comes to Black Friday shopping. Enough said.

2. It gets way too crowded.

There are too many people in one space that I'd rather not be in their with all of them.

3. It takes away from family time.

The workers who have to go in really early to work during the black Friday sales miss out on the time they could have with their families. Those who choose not to go black Friday shopping can spend more time with their family after the holiday especially if they don't get to see them often.

4. Why go out when I can just order online?

Advertisements seen from e-mails have a lot of the deals that are the same, if not better, for online stores. I could get great deals just waiting for cyber Monday than potentially getting stepped on trying to get one product from in a store.

5. I like sleep way more than early sales.

I prefer sleeping than having to get up very early just to wait in a line for hours on end.

6. It destroys the holiday spirit.

Some people are more set on the chance to shop and don't realize that there is more to the holidays than that. The ability to be able to see family instead is an option that I'd take in a heartbeat.

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