As The Semester Starts Getting Hectic, Remember These 8 Self-Care Mantras

As The Semester Starts Getting Hectic, Remember These 8 Self-Care Mantras

Don't forget to take time for yourself. Self-care is so important and can keep your health in check.

Going to college is the beginning of a new chapter in life. For everyone, this means escaping your high school years and gaining freedom. This time of your life is liberating. Have fun, but still stay responsible.

1. Take time to yourself

Everyone is overwhelmed in college by lots of classes and the work that comes along with these classes. Don't forget to take time for yourself. Self-care is so important and can keep your health in check. Every once so often, put down your homework and treat yourself to a coffee or a refreshing face mask or ice cream.

2. Do not procrastinate

With an unusual schedule compared to high school, you will find that you will have downtime between classes. Use this free time to take care of responsibilities. You will thank yourself later when you already have your homework done and you can go to bed an hour early one night, and too much work will not be piled up.

3. Meet new people

One of the greatest experiences at college is being able to meet new people. There are individuals from all different walks of life at school. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to someone in your class or down the hall in your dorm room. You will discover that so many people are different, and from this, you will learn about how people live their lives so differently. Unlock and get out of your dorm room. Meet new people!

4. Set a weekly plan

An essential item to have in college is a planner. Between classes, homework, clubs, sports, and activities, you are going to want to plan your days ahead of time. This will save you from wasting your free time, and it is easier to see where your free time is so you can set up meetings with professors or friends.

5. Do your laundry

You will thank yourself later when you consistently take care of your laundry. Find the best times to wash your clothes, because your parents won't be there to do your laundry and have your favorite shirt or jeans to wear as soon as possible, and you certainly don't want to be re-wearing the same dirty shirt.

6. Explore your school

Universities have so much to offer. Do not be afraid of the size of your campus; travel around your school to see what it has to offer. You will start to learn more and find how to get involved. When you begin to learn about all your campus provides, you gain more pride in your school. There is no better feeling than being proud of the university in which you attend.

7. Don't take advantage of your freedom

College students have a lot of freedom, which is enjoyable. However, do not take this freedom for granted. Do not think that just because you are living on your own that you can party every day. Do not sit around and do nothing just because your parents are beside you to nag you about being productive. This is the experience of learning how to adult.

8. Sleep!

Do not forget to sleep! Set up a sleep schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. When you lose sleep, it is easier to get sick; the last thing you need in college is to get sick. Sleep is so important, and if you think you can pull an all-nighter just by drinking a few energy drinks, you are wrong. Get sleep!

Always remember to be productive, do not slack off, and take care of your well being while in college. This is the preparation for the real world. Take this time seriously. Everyone wants to find success later in life, and if you do not take your collegiate years seriously, it will be difficult for you to do that whole thing called adulting later on.

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