Relax! 7 Tips For Keeping Your Sanity During Finals
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Student Life

Relax! 7 Tips For Keeping Your Sanity During Finals

Created by efforts in trying to keep my own sanity...

Relax! 7 Tips For Keeping Your Sanity During Finals
Hey Ryan, You da best <3

Yup, it's finals week and honestly I feel slightly like a homeless person. I forgot which shirt I haven't worn, because they all kinda smell since I haven't done laundry since being home for Thanksgiving. I mean, who has time for laundry? Or the quarters? So, in an attempt to try to salvage my brain from melting and coming out my nose, here are some new and different relaxation tips that I am totally excited about... because let's face it, I hope to make it through finals week with a minimum amount of mental breakdowns.

So, good luck and make sure to take some time to give that brain a rest.

1. Meditation

Sounds lame I know, but I find that these are really good to just get your mind to stop for a moment, to breathe, and to gain control back again. Now, guided meditations come in a variety of lengths and formats. So, if you don't like this example I've posted here, go ahead and snoop around for a different one! I like to do guided meditations ever since being introduced to it by a teacher. I do this every once in awhile because it really does help you set your mind straight in the face of stress.

2. Breathing Tactics

I really like this tactic. Plain and simple

3. Make a Check-list

Ever have that strange satisfaction from checking off a task? Well, utilize this! Writing your tasks allow you to free up some mind space. Plus usually it gives some peace of mind, because the list is way less over whelming than what we make it out to be. Write the list out, put it on your phone, or (my favorite) the wall of post it notes in three columns: To Do, Doing, Done. It's way too satisfying moving post-its — or crumbling them up and making them your b***.

4. Pet a Lovable Animal

*Not even ashamed of this* When I was at my first university in NC (Woot Woot JWU, Go Wildcats!), it was the first time ever that I didn't have a pet around me. So, my friends and I would literally go to the animal shelter every two days. We would go and just love them up, forgetting all school stresses —and trust me, the animals loved it. A bit of fuzzy therapy never hurt anyone

5. Take a Spa Moment

Paint your nails, use one of those awesome $0.96 face masks that are super invigorating, test out that lotion that was a Christmas present four years ago. Anything! The point is to invest in yourself for even a brief moment, making you feel like a gorgeously exfoliated goddess.

6. Get Movin'

Take a walk, turn up some tunes, dance around your room. Get those good endorphins moving in your body! Work it girl!

If T-swift can... so can you.

7. Go on a Coffee Date with your Girls

Yes, I'm begging you to be social. Misery loves company right? Well, whether its coffee or mars, take amount to relax with your friends. Finals week is the perfect time to have a margarita and a basket of chips while talking about how exhausted you are.

So, reading this article was a good start to taking a break, but try some of these tips to surviving finals week. You got this!

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