I don't know about you, but I am using this winter break to my advantage. The fall semester wiped me dry and I know the spring semester is right around the corner just waiting to take me by surprise.

1. Take a steaming hot relaxing bath

For my first two years of college I didn't have access to a bathtub and I really took advantage of it when I was home.

2. Put on your favorite music and relax 

Just close your eyes and appreciate it, because in a few weeks you're going to be listening to that playlist while stressing out over homework

3. Don't forget the face mask

We can see the wear and tear of the semester all over your face, so make sure you treat it right

4. Moisturize ALL OVER 

When was the last time you actually had time to moisturize? Never, I know. Your body needs it though and it's crying for help through your dry dry skin.

5. Take a drive down your favorite road

It'll clear your mind and make you relax. Blast your favorite music and get lost, mentally and even physically.

6. Binge watch your favorite show 

We all know that once school starts again you're not going to have any time to binge watch your favorite shows, you're just going to be in the library for 16 weeks.

7. Go to the chiropractor

You and I both know that after sitting in those stupid classroom desks for 16 weeks, you need a good back crack.