Is there a noticeable difference between today’s relationships and relationships in the “old” times? Believe it or not, some people may disagree to this, but yes. There are huge differences with relationships between the two generations. Although I am young, I have noticed many differences between young and old couples. This article is not targeted towards any individual or couple. It is simply a general observation of two different generations and how relationships have changed from years ago.

First, the way the couples act is extremely different. When an older couple enters a restaurant or any type of store, typically you will see the husband (or boyfriend) holding the door for their wife (or girlfriend). These men are doing what they were raised to do, they were raised to be gentlemen. Most people, whether it is a man or woman, in a relationship today don’t do that. It is not that the men aren’t gentlemen or that they woman is “wearing the pants in the relationship.” Simply, many people do not follow “old school” ways anymore, which is truly a shame. Both, old and young couples, are protective over each other. The difference in this is that younger generations are more aggressive about this. Younger couples tend to jump to conclusions when someone looks in their general direction. Older couples keep to themselves, they don’t worry about what is going on around them or who looks over at them. (Again, these are just observations. Not every couple is like this, absolutely no one is being singled out).

Respect has changed very much between generations. Older couples are very respectful to each other. If and when they fight, they keep it private. Meaning they discuss it between themselves without the interference of any other person in the middle of their problems. Younger couples seem to lose some respect as years go on. When they fight, normally it is made publically if they are not at home or it ends up on social media. It seems as if they want people in their problems. Sometimes it is helpful to talk to friends about it, maybe if you need advice on what to do or how to fix an issue. Although it shouldn’t be expressed openly on a social media or to strangers in a public area.

These are only two of the many reasons of how relationships differ between generations. Other reasons include but are not limited to: trust, technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.), communication, and cheating. Both generations have their ups and downs. Just remember, old couples were once young too. Maybe some of them acted the way we act today, maybe they didn’t. We can’t know for sure but it is a possibility. One thing is for sure, respect is a two-way street, in any relationship. To get respect, you have to give it as well. The true question is: without any of the qualities that were listed (protection, respect, trust, communication – excluding technology and cheating), is there a relationship at all?