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To The Girl Wondering If Her Relationship Is Too Perfect, There’s No Such Thing

Just remember to love like crazy.


Not all of us are lucky enough to find someone we like enough to spend lots of time with them, even fewer of us are lucky enough to find someone and stay with them long enough to question if we are "too happy." You look around and can't find similar relationships in your close friends, or everyone assumes your honeymoon phase should have dissolved ages ago.

Despite this, when you see your person, your heart still sometimes skip a beat. When they kiss you goodnight, you can't help but smile even if they can't see it. Even just a text in the middle of their busy day reminding you they are thinking of you gives you butterflies - just like it did when you were falling for them in the first place.

So why bother questioning if you are too happy in this relationship?

The time spent worrying is so much better spent being with the one you love, making more memories with your best friend, and making the foundation of your relationship even stronger.

We live in an age saturated with social media, where we see posts of other people and their relationships every single moment. Between Facebook, Instagram, and everything else, we're absolutely inundated with the glamour of other people's lives. No one is going to post about the fights they have when they're stuck on long car rides, they're not going to tell you about every issue they take up with their SO's habits, at least not online. Everyone's relationship looks perfect online - until they wipe out half their Instagram to erase any trace of it ever happening.

If we can't have people comparing their mediocre relationships to the "perfect" ones on social media, why should you be comparing your happy, healthy relationship to anyone else's online or in real life?

The best thing you can do is take the negative energy you feel from questioning your happiness, and let yourself just be happy. Turn that into positive energy that benefits you and your partner. Allow yourself to celebrate the love you have in your life and the happiness that it affords you each day.

And honestly, the best advice I can give you to continue your happiness isn't even original, but Lee Brice was right when he said: "Be a best friend, tell the truth, overuse 'I love you'."

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