10 Relationship Memes That Every Couple Can Relate To

Whether you're single, taken, or crushing, every millennial in this generation loves a good ol' meme that just personally attacks your exciting, or sad, love life. Finding these memes are great because it assures us that we're not the only people going through the exact same love situations and feelings. Here are some Twitter and Instagram posts that I guarantee you will find, at least one of them, pertaining to yourself.

1. Roasting = Flirting 

It's a scientific fact that your mutual sarcasm and constant teasing actually strengthens your relationship and fondness of each other. Besides, couples who roast together, stay together.

2. Acting taken when you're single

I'm definitely guilty of this, but it isn't a bad thing! It just means you still have yet to find someone that sparks your interest. Bond and chemistry isn't something we can control, it's natural and it happens on its own.

3. Boyfriend's clothes > your own clothes

If she hasn't tried to steal at least one of your shirts/hoodies and wear it as a comfy, oversized outfit, is she even your girlfriend??

4. Falling for a f*ckboy :(

Most of us, including myself, have definitely felt this. Though finding out the truth may hurt, it's best to look at this situation as a learning experience, and understand that someone who's actually worthy will come your way soon.

5. Loyalty above all else

Contrary to #4, this is what real love looks like. Do not get into a relationship if you don't have this mindset, and don't settle for anyone who doesn't have this mindset as well.

6. Tell me how much I mean to you

The feeling you get when reading a paragraph on why the love of your life loves you back is unmatchable.

7. Liking someone more than they like you is tough

Again, another learning experience.

8. Forehead Kisses >>>>>>

If this isn't one of the most wholesome things your significant other can do, then I don't know what is.

9. Stalker mode

We've all snooped before, and if you say you haven't, you're lying.

10.  My crush > sleep

Deep late night conversations with your person may just be a reasonable sacrifice for sleep.

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