SPOILER: You can't find love like Jim and Pam
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SPOILER: You can't find love like Jim and Pam

They're just too perfect.

SPOILER: You can't find love like Jim and Pam

If you're familiar with The Office, then you know all about Jim and Pam being the two people you want to get together the most. I'm already on my fifth watch through of the entire series, and I still can't contain myself when I witness the drama that goes on between the two. This is going to sound a little silly, but I always look at their relationship and imagine what my life would be like if I could meet my "Pam." Ironically, I've always said how ridiculous it is for people to be so wishful for a love life based on cinematic representation. In any case, Jim and Pam's relationship is actually the one relationship on-screen that you simply can't expect your love life to be like. Why? Because their relationship is simply impossible to copycat.

This is where it all began. The long awaited "are you free for dinner?" This short, simple exchange makes the show become that much greater. We expect Jim and Pam to get together, which they ultimately do, and it's too magical for words. Even this quick Q&A to end Season 3 is so surreal. In fact, I doubt anyone has ever had that kind of smile after being asked out or my name isn't Robert Brunswick III. This one scene leads to nothing but excellence throughout the show.

Exhibit one, Jim's proposal. Background information, Pam went to NY for classes at Pratt, and Jim had to stay in PA for work. He asked her to meet him halfway so they could "get some food." Then he pulls this little number and pretty much melted the hearts of every single person on the face of the Earth. He turned a simple proposal at a gas station into something out of a fairytale. This just isn't something that can happen in reality, if you ask me.

This gif displays a scene leading up to Jim and Pam's wedding, one of the most anticipated events of the entire show (which takes place in Season 4 if I remember correctly). Pam tore her veil, and was extremely upset because she wanted everything to be perfect for the occasion, as any one human being would. She asks Jim to ignore the "groom can't see the bride before the wedding" rule so she can vent her feelings. Jim responds to Pam's sadness by cutting his tie in half, as shown above, leveling the playing field. Pam proceeds to take a mental picture of Jim. The cuteness surrounding this scene is far beyond any living being's emotional capacity. Of course, it is followed up by a group dance routine:

If this doesn't bring you to tears, then I don't know what will. By the way, I'm sorry for the horrible quality, this is the best YouTube had to offer.

Sweet Baby Jesus. This one takes the cake. After a whole day of refusing to dress up in costume, Jim makes Pam's day all the better when he dresses as Popeye the Sailorman, and brings in their daughter Cecilia, also in costume. I've personally never seen a more successful couple's costume, so that fact alone makes this too much for me to handle. What really surprised me more was that Jim declares that he isn't a dress-up kind of guy. Yet he dresses up in order to make his wife happier than she could ever be. He sure knows how to handle the ladies.

These two almost always appear happy, and then they fight for the first time ever in one of the later seasons. And even then, they manage to work things out and end the show as the most successful couple in its history.

That's what makes this relationship so unachievable. Their chemistry is too perfect to replicate. Even in the worst of times, Jim and Pam managed to settle their beef and love each other more than anything. Believe me, I've watched enough of them to know the facts. I tear up every time one of them does something sweet for the other, and their wedding episode makes me weak in the legs. If you haven't watched The Office yet, get to it. You won't regret the roller-coaster ride that is Jim and Pam.

Damn it, I've been watching this show way too much.

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